Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Peace of Life

After 2 days ago, it dawn onto me question on how peaceful am I? Josh is right, sometimes we don't need answers we just need peace. Sometimes we need answers to get peace, than isn't our dependence be on the answers and not GOD? Phil 4:7 The peace of GOD that transcends all understanding

Lord, like battles we fight
Let there be peace in the world tonight
Take away our fears,
Wipe away our tears,
Our hearts are heavy,
Embrace us, give us hope
Replace hatred with love,
Sorrow with joy,
Let our hearts be light
Let there be peace in the world tonight.

Life is like an unfinished puzzle, we want to know how, why, what, formulas of life to just go through but sadly sometimes it isn't. It becomes a challenge a struggle.

Sometimes when u r in a junction of life, and when u feel lost, not sure of letting go, people comments seem to make u feel crushed u really do not need answers u need GOD. So sumhow for my Dear fren and including myself, will u live tt?.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Ok... its been a long time since I enjoy a romance movie where it can touch your heart. Although I watch this late but seriously this is really really really a great and touching movie. I was watching and halfway im startin to feel that it was corny (this was when the twist happen) but it was very refreshing. The ultimate twist is more than what you can figure out, not a new idea, but one which makes complete sense in the movie and one which Jay worked on and brought to the climax - which would have you hoping for a happy ending.

O man... the most touching scene. Jay playing with 1 hand

Rain: Why do u always play with 1 hand?
Jay: so I can hold yours in the another ...

Ok its sounds corny but when I heard it I was like whoa... lol im not a girl for Christ sake but it was really good scene... and good show.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Finishing their race

Recently been reminded of a few people who have passed away. Taddeus Cheong and Captain Ho Si Qiu. Both Christians, both talented athletes, both have their own story and race for GOD.
1 passed away finishing a Trial Triathlon another passed away after running the Army half Marathon.

Another death happen recently was my Advisor friend at the age of 40 died while running in Mariachi Reservoir due to a heart attack. Details are sketchy.

I asked myself this past week, have these people really finish their race? Have they been called up by GOD? Have they finish what they have to do here or want to do?

Lets be frank, honestly I believe they would want to live thier life fully,succeeding in life, getting married, having a family? That would be how I want to live my life.

Can't help but stop and pray for their families and ponder on thier deaths. Some people called them foolish, but personally these people have taught me more on finishing my life for Christ. And more importantly, something important I learn, its not by yours or other's gauge have u finish your race/life/work but GOD alone. And that makes alot of difference in why we
do it or how.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Holding on

Learnt this somewhere this week...Sum it up with a poem
Faith... is the art of holding on to things your belief once accepted, despite your changing moods, your struggles, and people's beliefs and discouragement

To Hold On

In my heart I fear
With discouragement I face
Came a touch and whisper
I experience HIS embrace

No one but you knows
Endless love and grace
like river it flows
Empower to run the race

To hold on, to be strong
To live righteous with compassion
I worship with more than song
2 the LORD of all creation

Its been tough to be strong, to hold onto my faith and even my smile. But I choose to. People wont understand till they are u. But we know we are all each specifically wonderfully and fearfully made.

Lesson: I get shaken easily in life, my belief, my faith my confidence my emotions. When the world question, doubt, discourage and label u. The truth Remains, when I cant love myself, Christ still loves.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Lord Only You

WWWWHHHHHOOOOAAAAAA...Yesterday my 70.3 Ironman, it was unbelievable, amazing and extremly painful. I have never experience so much pain in my life, that during the run I was about to wept! But Lord really thank u, This race has taught me more, and experience u more, and able to race for you. Only You can make me finish. For those who prayed for me thanks, it was really alive that day and fully appreciated. My supporters thank u for coming down, photos please thanks lol!

1.9km Swim
Start with praying for my friend and myself. Whistle blow, diving into the choppy waves, it was fine except for the seaweed and coconuts smacking my face all the time.

(Kissing my Cheerleader hahaha what do u think I was doing?)

90km Bike
This was the best part of the race, cycling up sheares bridge, and Expressway my face was all constipated. But when I reached the top, went down up to a 50km/hr on our bike super scary. A lot of them had tyre burst and crushes but GOD protects.

21km Run
This was the most painful and craziest run ever in my life, although the distance is normal the pain after the bike was amazingly crazy. I was practically moaning. But of coz finish the race well for GOD sink deep into my heart so pushing on. It was extremely sunny now, so it made the run more difficult. Taking each step at a time, perseverance was truly tested on me on that day. It pushed me to the wall whether should I stop and walk. With alot of runners fainted, collapsed and gave up I was thinking my next move. Furthermore on the last 3km, my legs gave way so I fell. Medics came stayed there for 3-4mins soughting out my legs, and it started raining I was like Lord heal me! So it started running again but it was more painful now thus asking GOD "Its really difficult for me to stop but if I have to tell me!" But no I felt reassured I will finish the race, thus with 2km to go holding my tears I had to push on.

1st words from my mouth, Thank u Lord!
Only HE can take all glory and praise yea? :)

There was a few disabled people racing as well including Dr William Tan, amazing people another amazing person propose to their wife after finishing the race. So sweet la I mean the whole race I was thinking LOrd this is crazy and hes thinking of his wife lol. Anyway it was truly a push not of my body but my faith. Youngest 70.3 Ironman will decide whether to be the Youngest Ironman. Hehehe big dreams man... Anyway once again THANK u LORD

Saturday, September 01, 2007

70.3 Ironman Once Again

My friend made this and its really awesome!

Once again its beginning. People won't get it until they are out there. Its not crazy or amazing to do it, its just simply GOD. Haha Its gonna be crazy tml, excitement, anxious and a little touch of fear. Being the youngest in the field, this race will show whether my dream can be a reality nx year.

Competing the field of 1200 dudes and ladies. The person to beat is me.
Lord I do this to be your light to shine, the inspiration to impact, to win for your marketplace. Glory is a moment in this world, Glory for u is eternal. But Lord no glory will defeat the purpose why I do it! So Lord Once again its for u!

Look at the crazy number of bikes this is only half.