Sunday, February 07, 2010


Among all my thoughts, all my wants, all my feelings. I have only ONE desire and thats to do the will of God, to project & advance His Kingdom, to respond His Call for my life. Weirdly, I question myself, why am I feeling like this? Is it right? Don't my needs matter? What about me?

Slowly, progressively I am starting to feel something I never felt before. To be so consumed, To want to be so focus in doing what I have to do, who I have to BE. But among all this, did I lose myself? Lose my needs? Is it right? Is this who I have to be?

Sometimes I wish I do not need to need... BUT No...It is because of God I have my needs in the first place. Needs are powerful, important and essential. On what perspective do I see needs? Do I need to fool around? Do I need to live for my own? No...I need Him, I need to steady myself, I need to do His Will, I need the people around me, I need to love, hope and believe. I need... to need. IF I do not need Need... I do not need God.