Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thirst Quencher

Its gonna be some time before I blog again because by the time u see this I should be on my way serving the nation. As I prepare for the next two years ahead, the word I received from God on my birthday for me was this.

1 Chronicles 11:17
David longed for water and said," Oh, that someone would get me a drink of water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem!" So the Three broke through the Philistine lines, drew water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem and carried it back to David.

Reading Chronicles has always been tiring and mundane, yet somehow as the Holy Spirit teaches, this verse was pressed into my heart. (So exciting knowing God's inspired word from new perspectives and understanding) As I spend those times with him, seeking, discerning he unravel the meaning of the verse to me. Speaking what this new season is about. The season of quenching thirst.

1) Satisfying thirst - To be like the Three
As I think about it thirst can be categorised into spiritual thirst and physical thirst. Spiritual thirst consist of a thirst for purpose, joy, love, righteousness and justice. Physical thirst consist of poverty, physical needs in their/family lives. The call is simple, to meet the needs of the men, committed to the well-being, being that blessing and encouragement to them. Quenching the thirsty.

2) Creating the Environment of selflessness - To be among the Mighty men
(Last pic with hair) Those 3 were concern of the welfare of David. He didn't order or requested water but it was a complain, a whine. And these Three pounced into action, battling down the Philistines to draw water. The philistines of this age would be principalities, mundaness, shallow thinking, norm conforming and diluted morals/values.  Yenn asked me as I share my word, How am I able to do it? To be honest I think there r no concrete solutions but really powerful methods to create an environment of selflessness? Be aware and sensitive, to excel (as I become good at something I would be in a better position to help) and being the example are just the tip of the iceberg. I have to live it out, respond to my salvation and be that salt & light.

3) Recognizing my value - To be like David
In this perspective, I see myself as David. The one in need, the one thirsting. And the 3 represents the Trinity. How they broke through hell to fill that void in my heart or satisfying my thirst. David response was he poured it out before someone more deserving which is to God. And this SHOULD be my response that I offer and pour out my heart back to them or to the people. Always remember this because I believe this is really the call in each area of our lives and that is "To be saved cost me nothing, to be a disciple will cost me everything."

I wanted to go in with a Physical goal just like my Ironman, but I decided to go in with a spiritual one this year. The reason being, I can be very goal driven, good side is regardless of obstacles or discouragement (by God's grace and encouragement) I b persevering or discipline enough to achieve it. The bad side, I can b so consumed with it that I missed out the important thing, which is the People.

Luke 2:52 And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.
Stature means high level of respect gained by impressive development and achievement. And with my spiritual goal in place, being the best or running faster or winning people the physical goals will come.

Lastly my encouragement to all of you is this, EVEN as u pour out your water to them, using your own water to fight the overwhelming fire. BUT GOD SENDS THE RAIN. (I wonder how this can speak to u because it slingshots me to what's ahead)

Guys this is the end of my sermon, See u all soon. :D I will have and be the testimony there. I am a Thirst Quencher

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Is smoking a sin?

I try to keep this short as possible, I have been a spree writing "sermon-like" posts because experienced alot of very refreshing teachings. My dear friend Fideliaaaaa a.k.a Fee the Sky Slammer, Sky Shooter and Sky Conqueror, love to discuss with me and knows that I have a knack for theological questions. So she asked me whether Smoking is a sin?

So we are going to discuss and share what people love and will say
1. Smoking is never stated in the bible
Yes its true, its not stated

2. Theres alot of perspectives why smoking can be or is a sin (I have no jurisdiction to say what is right or wrong neither do alot of people. BUT I am say the answer that makes the most sense)

Yes Smoking is a sin. Because!
a) IF Smoking harms u (which we know it does), and if u believe 1 Corinthians holds true, our Body is a holy vessel and temple of the Lord. It goes against what Paul is teaching, and how does it benefit u if it physically harms u?

b)IF Smoking is an addiction (which we also know it is), shouldn't we be living life free from bondage? Again 1 Corinthians say  We will not be mastered by anything, Or another word it says we will not be brought under the power of any. If Christ truly set us free from bondage. Why live it any longer through a stick? Addiction doesn't benefit.

c) IF smoking really helps to destress, give pleasure or bond with other people. My question is this, do u really need a burning stick to achieve all that? Why do people who dun smoke is healthier and seem to be as vibrant physically, socially and mentally?

3. Last point perhaps the most important. EVEN GOD doesn't say anything about smoking literally, directly in the bible but does that mean you do not apply christian principles to your life?

Smoking is not a moral issue or an ethical one so Christians SHOULD not say it is especially when its such a gray issue. Now I can say all this points and find ways to argue it, because I LOVE to argue against my own understanding and reasons, to test whether its true. But I believe this is the argument which made the MOST sense.

While Fee the Sky slayer, pointed out something which I didn't dare to say because of its consequence. Fee got iron guts. "Everything that is not addressed directly in the bible IS SUBJECTIVE but what is your personal conviction?". Now please understand our stand, we are ONLY talking about gray issues (Clubbing, in appropriate clothing, excessive drinking, and my favorite Non-christian

So we as humans THINK we very smart, A + B = CONFIRM
Like Permissible & Beneficial + Temple = Shouldn't smoke
Or Stumbling + Guarding brothers' heart = Shouldn't wear indecently to church

Hahaha super interesting right? Its the same of whether we should wear jeans or shorts to church. Or whether we can date more than one person at a time? The end of the day we have to ask ourselves... What's the rationale behind that choice? And would it be Christ-like in my PERSONAL response

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Just because we do not feel loved, or we do not feel that He's with us doesn't mean its true.  As humans we enjoy Feelings. The sorrow, the pain, the joy and the laughter, its what makes us the image of God, its what makes us more than rocks and pebbles.

But the danger is this, which a lot of us stumble upon. Is when we based our logic, knowledge and perspectives on something so inconsistent like feelings. Example, I may not feel loved does that mean I am not loved? No... God's word is still true He love u so much he gave his one and only son. Our faith can be so established because its on something so consistent and secure like His word or His love or His faith for us.

Which brings me to the next point. The difference of being "in love" and "to love". I remember in my secondary school days a lot of my friends would question us guys why after courting the girl, the passion or zeal to be with her or do things for her dwindles. The answer is because Being "IN Love" is a FEELING. It is a noble and beautiful feeling, it moves from just friendship to courtship, the heart racing, the blushing, its the explosion that starts it.  But as glorious as it is, its still a feeling. Now ceasing being "in love" does not mean ceasing "to love". To love moves from just feelings to things that LASTS that are ETERNAL like commitment, principles, character-development and more importantly towards the purpose that God has intended for both of u. 

Our morals, virtues, faith can only be established if you based it on something established. So what are u based on?