Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sky wans to be Rocky

Strong in Spirit
Unshakeable in Faith
Filled with joy
Firm in your Truth
Compassionate with Love
Undaunted by the Devil
Be your rock

Lord in Jesus name renew my joy and love, to be stronger for u. Forgive me, that I am so weak I could not be strong but may the power of your words bloom like flowers in me.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Out of Everyti

Confession: Lately I have not been able to share the gospel with people recently. So ashamed that busy and weak was my excuse for God.

Training was pretty hard today. 1.5km swim and a 18km run avg speed 15km/hr that's pretty taxing mind you. Lol I was keeping quiet during the run due to conserving energy and not a very talkative mood.

My teammates President and Captain, asked me "Hey Sky talk leh, tell me about Christ." This is very uncommon because all they ask me is girls, races and lame rubbish! When I heard it, shame covered my heart.

I should be the one talking about it without prompting. I shared the gospel and why I believe it. Loads of questions were asked and why I serve kids, why I do so much, why do I wanna be the youngest Ironman?

And the thing is... after that in bus a Dragon boater ask these questions too and the same answer came out.

Sky said: For Christ !

Out of all my "business" out of Everything I thank GOD for the opportunity to do his work. I was very ashamed but My Lord brought it to me...While I did not shows

HE intervenes and HE knows and HE loves Thank u

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Greatest Battle

It took me 6 months to realise until today, waking up with a drained heart and spirit. That my greatest battle has never been the struggles, burdens and troubles around me regardless of myself, friends or family. But its been myself.

My thoughts, my emotions, my desires. Fighting them is more difficult than me doing a Triathlon. Why do I have to fight? To resist my flesh? Doing the right thing. In being the Light for Christ

It drains me physically, mentally and spiritually. Losing all joy, strength and faith. Crippling me from within making myself more vulnerable to the world. And honestly, may even feel its being lost.

Pray, Believe, Seek, Love and Hope, hope To be strong, to have breakthroughs. To be victorious

Hope stirs Faith
Hope brings Strength
Hope shines in Darkness
Hope in Christ's Love
When u have nothing left, Hope reminds and prevails
Thank u Lord for dying for me, that enables me to look up to the SKY and know theres hope of what u did, and will do!

Romans 5: 3-5 Persevere, building character and to inspire to bring hope!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Road of Tar

Sometimes training should be the last thing I should be doing, busy busy is becoming like an excuse. Sleep and relaxation is like sweet honey but seeing the endless road challenging, taunting, spurring me to finish well for HIM. Only 2 words I have to say to my GOD.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Days of Season

Firstly, I would thank those who have bless me with your wishes, presents and prayers for my birthday. I appreciate it deeply and sorry I could not reply most of the sms lol apparently some people r flipping tables when I don't do that sorry...

It has been a packed month for me during my holidays, something i am not used to. For this week was my birthday, meetings, training, issues, races and LS Victory Ride.

Some highlights are I ended March with a race in AMK, and what was the highlight of this event is it was a Biathlon which Allen Wu (Presenter of Amazing Race Asia) was the Special guest. If u do not knows who's Allen Wu, Hes Wong Li Lin Husband (Wong Li Lin is the Dance Judge) We both challenged each other and had a great race as both of us finish off with just 2 second difference.

Next is, LS night Cycling which was held at the eve of Good Friday and ended at East Coast Jetty on Good Friday morning. I thank GOD that every1 came back safely as there were few of direction and traffic mishaps. The ride acts as a reminder me of how Christ has struggle for us. As my worship and sacrifice, its my honour to struggle for him, with myself, temptations, emotions, issues, burdens and others. Like a Spartan! ^^ I luv that show man so inspiring.

Seeing the sunrise, touched me greatly not just because it was beautiful. But because i could stand there and thank GOD for his Love...Christ!