Sunday, April 27, 2008


I define Grace as undeserved works but selflessly given. When you think of Grace, what goes through your mind.

My baptism was on Friday night, it was not a Mount Sinai Experience but it was something that was better, experiencing Grace in 3 forms.

My Lord Jesus Christ (No need me to further explain)
As he died for my sins, resurrected, brought victory, love and light into my life. He was the ultimate form of Grace, he died so I could call my Heavenly Father "Father" and HE to call me Son.

My Family
My parents taught me something more than good Morales and being righteousness. I was once a "screwed up" kid, my siblings could testify that about that themselves as well. But as my sis wrote this as well, my parents exemplify the meaning of the word GRACE. They love me, when there was absolutely nothing to love about. My parents being Buddhist aggressively persecuted us being Christians, disowning us as children (Vaguely remembering Mummy with a Chopper)When I came down from the pool, their smiles was all I saw.

My Friends
So much cards, gifts and blessings, it leaves me speechless but to say thank u. Its really so undeserving for me to have such friends. So undeserving to have such love from them. Really Thanks.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Costs of Discipleship

I learned something very resounding in my heart this week. It was as if the Holy Spirit nudging on my heart...literally Nudging like the MSN 1

Sky to being saved cost you nothing.
But Sky to be a disciple costs you everything

No God does not demand us to give up all, but where does my heart lies? Slowly God unravels a series of people that touches my heart, Broken marriages, broken relationships so much more. We live in a broken world. We all have compassion for different areas or people. The next thing is what are you gonna do to fan the flames of compassion in this broken world.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 Heavy Lessons

3 Heavy Lessons I learnt this week
Positional Sanctification comes because of Christ work for us
Progressive Sanctification comes because of Christ work in us
Both are his gifts for me.
In my weakness and sin, I can still exalt God in my life.

Confessing sin and apologising to that person and peers. My only audience and that's my Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Poem for the Month
Lord U know what I do.
It doesn't change how U feel.
Wat you've said each letter is true.
That your love is as new as the morning dew

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Wohoo this week concludes the day of my birthday! I swear I ate all kinds of culture food, Chinese, Japanese, India, western etc. Loads of gifts from toiletries to songs. O a secret to u guys, I really appreciate the gifts! But really Cards will do!

I have nothing much to blog on this week as the birthday dinners and stuff have taken my whole week. So i decided to process on my birthday wishes! WEEE O and updates about my life will be way BELOW hahaha hope u have fun reading.

1) TO have a heart like David
John "Apostle of Love", Solomon "The Wisest Man" and much more titles in the bible. But out of every heroes in the Bible, David received a title that I really desired with all my heart and that was "A Man after God's heart". 2nd to Jesus this is a man who I really admire. A humble shepherd(to me The most important days of his life was as a shepherd), a Killer of Goliath focusing on God rather than Giants, a King who STRUGGLE, A conqueror who stumbled more than he conquered, a man of passion, a life who ultimately God used.

2) To continue my journey of Ironman
Yes, I want to be back there. When? How? To be honest I have no answer... But I know this I have a desire and a God whom guides, direct my steps, loves and owns me. Triathlon has become my lifestyle and really I look back, it has taught me more than just humility and perseverance.

3) To be Single till the Lord Leads me to a year
Hehehehe this perhaps gave the most response out of all my wishes. 1/2 of my friends re concluded I'm hopeless or something is wrong with me hahaha. was a choice I committed myself to until I'm ready. O yea man its a struggle really, but its really setting your heart in things above which is the Lord's Kingdom. Its really to be faithful, committed and devoted. To Christ marriage was the closet relationship ever created that's why HE portray Himself as the Groom and the church the Bride. Haha Lord u still have the pen in my story.

Learning Driving (1st lesson was way cool)
Started training (Love the time I just feel the wind, feeling lethargic)
Bought a Book of Thaddeus Cheong the National triathlete who passed away (I always look at him, and I tell God. This could be Me. His life has been inspiring of finishing the Race marked out. Passionate about Triathlons and striving, Fellow Brother of Christ.)
Reading "The Life I have Always Wanted"