Friday, September 29, 2006



Been real tired and burdened these days, ^^ working training personal etc but yet I am still alive :P. Just want to blog what's happening to prove that I am not "dead". I wanna give thanks in my blog today thus I found something to give thanks of r those people in Ritz Carlton always looking over me like I am their little brother and able to make my day especially Sarah Goo.

As my boss and spiritual sister, she is 1 person whom really shines as a sister, she always tends to watch out for me, do minor things like buy me lunch from outside (Hotel Canteen food is atrocious! keke) and yet be firm and teach me at the same time. She occasionally ask me out or go for Bible Study at New Creation which in the past I do. She really is a good and admirable sister, which the Lordship of Christ is shone upon her too.

Not to mention the others employees like Kristine, Aloysion, Mabel, Ida, Elly, Yoke Yee etc whose slight smiles can make my day. Even a New Hostess Angela haha as her chirpy and adorable character can really make the slightest perk in my work-life. When we work or talk shes always smiling lol remarkable or crazy -.- I think both =X. I really dun enjoy working there, other then GOD, and the pay, these r my motivation to carry on.

Coporate Triathlon I most likely to be doing.

Today was quite a tiring day, training in the morning, my sis ROM at noon, YA Children's day after that. it was a tiring but fulfilling day. seeing my sister married off with a man whom i will start calling brother-in-law and the kids having fun!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

What it takes!

This Documentary/"Movie" is coming soon, its called" WHAT IT TAKES" I am super intrested and my answer is CHRIST lol! Enjoy! I wonder will I b in 1 of these 1 dae kekekeke! Let this inspire for the Ironman Race coming up!! MUZ WATCH !


A Peek in the OPENING

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lordship of Christ

Lordship Of Christ

It was a real example of Christ Lordship in me, not because I did something spectacular, but I do things simply with obedience and for Christ. As some may know I dislike working at Ritz Carlton sometimes, but anyway I was almost late for work today, planned to have abit of quiet time b4 starting but in the end did not happen due to time constrains. I felt maybe my day would be bad as u know, I read the WORD is the make my life in focus with the LORD that's why it makes a difference. But I started work with a simple prayer and proclaiming the Lord's supremacy over this place.

It was slightly busy same old buzzing around, orders from guest and superiors for you to obey (and when both n more fire at u at the same time haha u really do not know which to choose, although I chose the guest but u still get scolding sometimes) anyway, strenuous, constant moving for 9 hrs etc. But what makes today abit special was this.

The Manager, and the whole crew had a meeting, we got brief on what's on today etc. Why is it different today because, 1stly she was pissed with some Accounts Department abit of politics there, and how it got settled with the GM. Then she said about human hearts r black, tts why we need to learn how to project our facial and actions to the guest even when we are "moody or whatsoever" but out of the blue she pointed me out saying "Sky U Christian right? I know yr heart is good and "white" than I was stunned -.- lol

When the Lord is in u, every1 will know. Do all things for and like Christ, that's showing Lordship. I am not pure or righteous, I have a black heart, bad and sinner that deserves death, but what makes my heart "white" and righteous is that I am being Justified by my Lord Christ.

I want to encourage everyone who have Christ in you, you know have u ever try to kip asking yr frens praying for them to come to know the Lord? But living yr life base on Christ is oso essential and a very important tool. Why? Eg. I am a sinner, a rebellious and shallow lowlife with all his relationships, typical Singapore teenager in a sense. But when my frens c the change, and ask why. Because simply Christ is in me.

Romans 4:24
but also for us, to whom GOD will credit rightenousness-for us who believe in him raised Jesus our Lord from the dead

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Open Doors

Finish Training, Meeting and YA, waiting to go for a dinner soon but while waiting I will BLOG ^^. Today Swim and Run as usual, but we had to meet up at the end for some debriefing. Things like for the NUS Biathlon there b 5 placing for people to represent NP, 2 are taken, 3 are still available for individual while some of them will be relay. I am hoping I would manage to qualify as they be seeing our results. NUS were the champions b4 followed by NP than TP. Our Advisor is pushing us again to be champion no exceptions.
Ahh Boring stuff, o and we are getting debrief for nx year 27 Jan there be a NP Aquathon Championship and I am helping out as a organizer. What makes this interesting is, I would be directly under the President, because he wans mi to learn and when he step down I would be able to organize the following year. Haha all the pressure! Both of us be doin Public Relations, seeking out sponsors, negotiated budgets, advertise within the campus and outside. When I gt this "job" I felt a OPEN DOOR shown onto me. I would be speaking to sponsors like H2o, GNC, Fuji Xerox, PowerBar, 100 Plus etc etc. These are big names and I said it was an open door because, when our church is organizing a sports event which I highly think will happen or something else. I could connect the sponsors with our church. I would be the bridge which I set tt Social challenge to myself b4, to bridge communities. ^^

Lastly, TriElites are getting 8 new Road/Tri Bikes next year ^^
GOD is working, and I am ready to be used by him

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Train Work Eat Sleep

I m very proud of my own father, even with all his illness diabetes etc, countless of pills he has to take everyday, lately been seeing him working out. Everyday back from work he will start walking/running to east coast. Believe me its not easy even for me I find it sian or difficult juz to do it almost everyday. But how a person in his late 50s trying to make a habit to exercise really motivates me. Especially when every step he takes is a pain to his body.

He was a athlete at his young days, Basketball Team, Runner Swimmer etc. Lol it runs in the family. Thus, overexerting his body, now whenever he walks there will be a sharp pain. Because degeneration of muscles, his knee caps r bones hitting onto bones. I wonder will this happen to me 1 day. ^^ anyway finding a way to find his workout more interesting. I think shld get a MP3 for him and put all the Hokkien Songs he likes lol ^^

Friday, September 08, 2006

Going on

Away from races, back to work, rededicate to GOD's work. My current plans for the remaining of the holidays. Don't get me wrong I am still training for the nx race whether its Newbalance Coportate Tri or Standard Chartered I leave it to the school while my long term target is 70.3 Singapore Half Ironman.
Haha Work at Ritz Carlton has been quite smooth lately, they put me on floor straight away and so far my superior captains have been very nice ^^. Also plan to go back to YA but I will see how it goes since training is on Sat. I will miss these period of my races. Although it was tough, it was a painful procedure, tiresome training and disiciplinary focus. Why I love it
1st for GOD
2nd something I grew in spiritual,mental and physical
3rd I could b a testimony for GOD
4th I Did something GOD bless mi greatly
thus I continue swimming, running and cycling (on my bro bike keke) I will train to win a crown not only physical but a crown tt last forever because GOD will remember I did it for HIM.

Rank 32 out of 106 lol look at my swimming man it was so bad that's why my running nid to b double fast.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Finish WELL!


My last race New Balance Aquathon is over, the last race for the coming days. I finished well. Some of the year 2 and 3 got sponsored by Orca and Fuji Xerox, haha the Tri Suit was free (costs about 300 bucks... 300!!!!) haha I hope I can too but does not matter I did it for GOD and I promised him I will come back to serve him and back to his minstry.

It was hard to start, with my heart beating like a machine gun, racing towards the water and like 50 times there were entanglements between me and others. They will kick my face or shove mi away with their breaststroke. I had difficulty but I decided tt I would not do the same thing because I believe even when they r in front I could catch up to them. Besides it was the right thing to do.

Thus out of the water I had a serious catching up to do, I picked up my shoes, 1st time without socks and rush to the run point and I forgot my number tag thus run back again haha. I paced myself large strides consistent pace. I speak to GOD everytime when I start a race b4 during and after. This time it was truly miraculous I ran without pain or fatigue. Even I was the last in the sch team out of sea, I caught up to them due to GOD's everlasting Grace and Strength. I encouraged them and went my way. I sprinted to the finish and finish well for GOD. Thank him and went to collect Finisher medal and H20s. My school send 8 and I gt 3rd among them, was grateful and thankful of wat GOD can do!
Exodus 15:2 The LORD is my strength and my song and has become my salvation, He is my GOD, and I will Praise him, my father's GOD and I will exalt him.

Will post results n pics in the future anyway these r the HARDGAY pics!
Sam Koh Poser Look Imitated by Sky LOL

Watch with Caution. Me acting like HardGay LOL I am being sporting ok!