Saturday, July 28, 2007

Face in the Mud

Its been a long time since I experienced this, that I felt I could not do it, I wanna stop, I want to give up. My face in the mud, heart in the earth, felt like rain piercing my spirit. Like a rose trampled on the ground. I was beaten not only by my sickness, and myself

I finish the race but collapse at the end. It was hard to breath but I coughed my next breath. I'm really tired.

Got scolded by advisor and team for racing with my sickness, fever is worse. I know its stupid. I dun race for school, for people, for myself for all these are meaningless. But I don't think anyone would understand WHY I did the race. I don't think any1 would get it...Because with every race, to Finish well for whjch GOD has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus to run with perserverance. Its just so simple...

In my life even, so many things is a struggle that I want to give up. Its been a long time... I gave my all that's all there is to it. Lord, thank u that when im in such a weak state. I still can turn to u

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Forgetting whats behind and straining towards ahead.
Pressing on toward the goal
To win the prize for which God
Called me heavenward for Christ Jesus

I am his Called, and my answer is Go!

Still super sick, lasting 2 weeks now (realising every pressuring race I go I get sick). Nearing OSIM Triathlon, once again being challenged physically, emotionally and spiritually. Other than the competitors around me I have my battle to take in oneself. But with Christ with me, why will I falter?

Super encouraged by 1st timers Triathletes Levin and Ben, will be supporting and praying for them. Its their race, their challenge for GOD.

Our life like race but without a finish line. With struggles but so many promises from our Covenant-keeping GOD that we can and already claimed. Prosperity, peace, mercy, grace, love etc etc. These are the promises for u to strive your own race. Strive and strin whats ahead...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cannot Trace HIS Hand, Can Trace HIS Heart

When U cannot trace HIS hand,
You can always trust HIS heart.

Anyway Denise made this I really love it alot I hope it speaks to u too! THANKS MAN

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Glimpse of Ironman

On Gearing up for my Half-Ironman on 2 Sep and full Ironman. This is my marketplace for Christ and I won't hold back.

I like watching things like these

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rain The Blessing

Lets do this! My challenge was I told GOD I would want to finish my pack by this week, its not just the numbers but my heart as well let it be wanting more of HIS people to be blessed!

So far I gt only 10 and really grateful of GOD able to use me in such a way. It really becomes a humbling experience to want to bless that desire to transform the spiritual climate.

Lord I pray for all the blessors who are out there being that difference for u. Bless them with the soft ground and heart, Bless them with favour and courage more ultimately bless them with the conviction to do it for u Lord. As we have all work, studies etc our marketplace, Let it be blessed with success and excellence as we pray for them and ourselves as well... Lord let us be your rain In Jesus name I pray Amen ^^

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dr William

Recently, I had the honour of eating lunch with Singaporean Dr William Tan because maybe doing some things for him. Hes the wheel chair Marathoner with countless of World Records. He has done 10 Marathons in 65 days and Marathon in Antarctica and so much more.

His life itself is an inspiration, he does not even need to speak and I'm already inspired. Getting the pleasure to know him, and i find out this man is a humble man and Christ is in his life. I shared with him about my goal for next year. and he thought it was really amazing and encouraged me to go for it. Which i felt compare to him it was very puny haha.

He shared a lot, and something that caught me thinking. Is there weight in the things u do or say? When u speak do people listen? When u do things do people notice? Putting Christ in prospective. The More weight u have in your name or the things u do, the better position u are in Glorifying Him, Winning for Him, Blessing Him and His people.

I learn lot of William, and I pray that with humility I will Shine bright and not dim, making that goal I set possible and excellence in my influence. This month every1 has been busy including my brother. When the journey gets tough, we must KNOW the cause behind all your hard work...Once u do even a typhoon blows u be unshaken. Prayers moves the hands of GOD