Monday, September 03, 2007

Lord Only You

WWWWHHHHHOOOOAAAAAA...Yesterday my 70.3 Ironman, it was unbelievable, amazing and extremly painful. I have never experience so much pain in my life, that during the run I was about to wept! But Lord really thank u, This race has taught me more, and experience u more, and able to race for you. Only You can make me finish. For those who prayed for me thanks, it was really alive that day and fully appreciated. My supporters thank u for coming down, photos please thanks lol!

1.9km Swim
Start with praying for my friend and myself. Whistle blow, diving into the choppy waves, it was fine except for the seaweed and coconuts smacking my face all the time.

(Kissing my Cheerleader hahaha what do u think I was doing?)

90km Bike
This was the best part of the race, cycling up sheares bridge, and Expressway my face was all constipated. But when I reached the top, went down up to a 50km/hr on our bike super scary. A lot of them had tyre burst and crushes but GOD protects.

21km Run
This was the most painful and craziest run ever in my life, although the distance is normal the pain after the bike was amazingly crazy. I was practically moaning. But of coz finish the race well for GOD sink deep into my heart so pushing on. It was extremely sunny now, so it made the run more difficult. Taking each step at a time, perseverance was truly tested on me on that day. It pushed me to the wall whether should I stop and walk. With alot of runners fainted, collapsed and gave up I was thinking my next move. Furthermore on the last 3km, my legs gave way so I fell. Medics came stayed there for 3-4mins soughting out my legs, and it started raining I was like Lord heal me! So it started running again but it was more painful now thus asking GOD "Its really difficult for me to stop but if I have to tell me!" But no I felt reassured I will finish the race, thus with 2km to go holding my tears I had to push on.

1st words from my mouth, Thank u Lord!
Only HE can take all glory and praise yea? :)

There was a few disabled people racing as well including Dr William Tan, amazing people another amazing person propose to their wife after finishing the race. So sweet la I mean the whole race I was thinking LOrd this is crazy and hes thinking of his wife lol. Anyway it was truly a push not of my body but my faith. Youngest 70.3 Ironman will decide whether to be the Youngest Ironman. Hehehe big dreams man... Anyway once again THANK u LORD


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