Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Choice

There will always be times in your life, u feel its really hard to thank GOD for the bad things going through in your life. But no matter how hard it is, I will want to still praise and thank HIM. Although sometimes we really can't, but we have the choice to be quick to praise.

1. For a week unable to spend time to read and pray.
- Thank GOD because I know it pains me, and I know I desire it but maybe not enough

2. Studies still striving
- Thank GOD because I know it needs work

3. Hours of sleep getting low
- Thank GOD that he can sustain me

4. Ppl with their issues
- Thank GOD because I can be used by HIM to minister/reach out

5. More responsibilities in school, church and team
- Thank GOD because of the trust u given to me

6. Something that happen was the sentosa training, I didn't start my day well not talking to the Holy Spirit not asking his strength his empowerment, training was draining painful and of coz strenuous. I was last that day unable to keep up with the guys which was usually vice-versa. Was very demoralized very tired and weak
- I thank GOD that I know... Without HIM I am nothing

7. My legs hurt twice as bad as before
- I thank GOD I need HIM

Thank GOD for the TCS Diabetic Race I was able to be there to participate

Thank GOD for this week sermon

Thank GOD that even the last part of my training a 6km time-trial, Talking to the Spirit "I am tired, painful but I will give my all and whether I succeed or anot its u alone." after that I finish the trial well. 1st. Thank U...

Finally I THANK GOD for your love your son and the Holy Spirit for yr presense.
I thank u even my next very breath for u

Who says u can only thank GOD for good things. Thanking GOD IN all circumstances not FOR all circumstances

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Way

This week, started out with a great sermon "When the Spirit comes in Power" This would be a series of sermons of the Holy Spirit by Pastor Khong, hearing the 1st I felt very refreshed, filled and strong. Praise our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Something "interesting" happen this few days, as I am been classified as Gay. LOL its quite funny though as my some of my friends would insult mi as a joke. But my classmates seems persistent that I am. And of course I am not.

The reason why they said that to me was apparently, I am not interested in looking and knowing pretty girls. My 1st reaction was HUH. Looks, Figure, Fashion, Sex is an icon in Polys and I believe almost everywhere. Ladies would want to be more pretty just to catch the attention of people, to use their looks as a source of income and occasionally they want to be more prettier to attract more guys or specifically a guy. And I have to admit the girls I see, they are pretty but I am simply not into gazing or looking or drooling or knowing or nose bleeding etc etc. Is that classified as Gay?

I seen and know my share of lady-friends, and simply put (all ladies are pretty that includes my friends who are not models etc). I am just not 2 be attracted simply because u can sweep my legs of the floor. I been explained like a million times, its normal to look and know pretty girls. Of course it is, but must I do it? I mean I do not see any significance or gain. And they are not items to just be gazed, held or used upon wth man its degrading. Haha and again I am not Gay.....

If I have to know someone of course I will, I do not mind making a new friend, But I do mind if I make a friend just because shes pretty, it loses all meaning. That would be Attraction not Interaction.

1 Timothy 5:2
Older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Much?

Days have been very routine lately, a new year is coming. I have already know what my goals will be for next year Praise The Lord for it.

I do not have much to write but, I have been reading, pondering when I have the time which is a good thing. I been thinking lately does Life have to always be painful? Does it always resolve in sacrifice? Nothing is further from the truth, its written GOD is our very present help today now and forever. He never stop blessing and always over does it, when HE talks about the BLESSED we are always included, I love a GOD of miracles not once a GOD of miracles.

I believe with all my heart, he wants us to enjoy this present moment of our lives on our way to heaven, Amen? Life does not revolves on What Ifs or If Only, because GOD is present right here and now. Sometimes do we forget that? Do we not see what plans GOD will have for us?

People going through trials of their lives, do they not see the light of the end of the tunnel? Do they not see that this can conform them to the likeness of Christ? Give thanks when u r tested, give thanks in all circumstances, can u give thanks FOR all circumstances? Of coz we can't, because we r Jars of Clay. But I can give thanks for circumstances I fufil GOD's purpose in my life.

Haha Today I blog quite, unusual but I want to end of with this. For a "great" sinner like myself knowing all the trash/shit gone. I can do no less by submitting my life to Christ.
Knowing u r forgiven little, you love little. Knowing u forgiven much, u love much.

1 Corin 4:10
We are fool for Christ, but you are so wise in

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Salt and Light

Its Sunday again, Praise the Lord!

Every Sunday going to church always brought me new wisdom, insight and enlightenment of living my days following Christ. I believe every sermon I go to, I am there for a purpose, to listen, to believe and more importantly to do. No pastor is "boring" no sermon is not for you. As long as u are sitting in a hall with a pastor preaching u are there for a purpose.

Today, sermon was as usual brought me new wisdom on living. But what caught me was the contest after that. There was a Young Preacher Contest and 1 of my tribe leader was in the Finals and went to only support him. Or so I thought. What Alvin preach went deep into me. His topic Salt and Light. His dilemma "Have we lost our testimony for GOD, to be able to be the salt and light shine for GOD"?

I believe all of us are gifted in a way agreed? We have our talents to glorify GOD, for Alvin his ability to preach, For my brother Josh his talent to lead sing worship praise with endless fervor. And I believe they have more gifts than these. Their talents able to glorify GOD. I was quite let down when Flavian said he knows "he won't be able to preach?" It does not matter whether how good your talents are, how many talents you have or even whether u have that talent at all. But what's important is do u have that desire to have that gift to glorify HIM! If he want to do it, committed to do it, I dun see a reason why it won't happen. And of course I be more then happy to help, pray and nuture him!

An example (abit lousy but still), as my friends from secondary school will know, in the past I was not who I am today, I won't go into detail but 1 major factor was I was anti-social so called "lone wolf". I liked to operate alone, I never enjoy talking with people, sharing.

But I desire to be able to do it. Bridging communities and being the link between people to glorify Christ! Which lead me to who I am today but I am still far from accomplished what I believe GOD made me to do. Be a socialate. Even I was not a very athletic before but I desired to be the best for GOD to inspire to glorify him and I became a Triathlete for my school although I am also far from what I believe I can accomplished for Christ!

Desire to glorify him, and doors will open before, talents be nutured, gifts be blessed. Never stop testifying because u can't! Everything we do well is all Christ alone. EVEN when u have no talents which I doubt, to obey Christ and his word, to be Christ-like is the ultimate glorification of our GOD!!!!!

3 verses that I dedicate not to stop obeying willingly

Romans 15:6
so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the GOD and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven

Psalm 86:12 impact me the most
I will praise you, O Lord my GOD with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever!

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