Monday, March 30, 2009

Hands to hold

I rather go to bed alone,
With no hands to hold
No shoulders to lean
No hugs to embrace
No lips to kiss

Than giving up being in this place with my God

Its been some time since I thought about my wife... I am not even attached! Why say marriage? Because I believe love starts from now. I believe a commitment for my love to her whether I know her or not. I believe in having my heart just for her (Haha even with all the damage my heart took, only HE can restore). What better way to express unconditional love now?
Hahaha ... anyway I really really really...miss her... Whoever that is...


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have been working in Deloittes and Touche (accounting firm) for a few weeks now. And even I have no passion in business but corporations in CPD interest me. I am committed to its success in this time I'm there and to the revival of the business sector. In this crucial transitional time, let each step be purposeful, each prayer be like seeds scattered and each good deed go unnoticed. This 4 months will be important for the long road ahead, army, studies and a dream so big only He can impart.

I'm excited, excited that I'm about to be slingshot 
into another important season. Asking for bigger dreams, breaking down strongholds and more importantly Growing UP. 
Greater challenges, hard-pressed struggles and miraculous breakthroughs. Can I be more excited of what's ahead of me? As I lay down my desires and plans on His feet, discussing it through, sharing my heartbeat with Him and Him with me. I do not have the whole picture but I have the piece-maker, and I am ecstatic in what He is and will be doing through, in and with my life. So... What do you see me doing  in 6 years?

Monday, March 02, 2009


Hi guys, I'm back. I wanted to blog just a short post but I believe you guys deserve to know more! Wow...Man...Really Wow.... I'm
so humbled, and almost wept as I raise my hands, speech and heart towards the sky. Thanking God. He indeed has brought me through this journey and more powerfully in the race. Seen him taking the IM out of the IMpossible.

Obviously, it wasn't a walk in the park. As one face such a giant, I can only turn to someone bigger. I didn't slept well the night before with 3 hours of sleep, not because I wasn't discipline to sleep but because I realised I DIDN'T BRING MY
 GOGGLES. Haha it was an insane mistake! Its like swimming with no eyes since I have high degree and stuff. But thank God and a Jap dude he had extra, even though I still couldn't see but it was good enough. As I had to swim blindly, I resorted to tactics like swimming behind people, in the middle of the pack and having to make sure someone is beside me on the right. Thanking God at half way mark.

Went on my bike did the 4 loops, it was a great f
eeling to sing, talk to people, God, seeing the hills, remembering psalm 121 that as I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help comes from. It was a breeze because there were loads of wind in my face, and the hills were higher than mount Faber and the Sun was so hot it can roast pigeons. I didn't see any birds except Eagles out at 12pm, now I know why. But you know as we pressed in, gnashing our teeth. Conquering each hill, I enjoyed seeing the faces of other triathletes and laughing our pain. Sharing our salt tablets etc. Makes me appreciate, respect the people more. As these people has made their own sacrifices on their time spend to train, they have to be discipline in hard and easy times and some people of them are  very old, or disabled. As I share with Christ my intimate moments and thoughts. I cant help but to thank Him as I complete each loop.

Running has always been my strength, but that's when something so strong can be so weak. The last 6 hrs, I pressed in more, not in running but in prayer and worship. In conquering each discouragement, fear and pressure. It was a constant surrenderance and racing with unclenched fists. Trusting in His word that He is my help, He will sustain me, He will protect me from harm and not let my foot slip. And truly He has brought me through, as I ran the mark where my kidney failed. More fear came, and the more I choose to let go. Encouraging the people, seeing people with tears while running, I ran my race strong and know This is my God.

The last 20s of the race the whole lane was set for me. No one behind, no one in front. I ran free, pouring my heart to the last push and to commit it once again that this race is His, mine and the people dear to me. It was such a emotional finish.

I learnt too much to just write it out. Discipline to let go, surrender, trust. Thanking Him not just in hard times, easy times, but even during transitions. God has no IMpossibles, He takes our IMpossibles and He makes us to be conquerors of IMpossibles. I have too much to thank Him, but for now rejoice and to grow from strength to strength though this victory. That as the next milestone (Uni, NS, Relationship) comes, I will run that race just as well as this. In the mean time, wake boarding, windsurfing, getting abit fat is on the list :) anyone want to join me? More pics up soon. 

Race Result: 14hrs 9 Mins 2SecLast thanks to Ming, Syl for being there for me during the race. Sam, Sebas, Yong Howe for advice during this time. Josh for being a mentor. Family, friends and their prayers. We did it