Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Ok... its been a long time since I enjoy a romance movie where it can touch your heart. Although I watch this late but seriously this is really really really a great and touching movie. I was watching and halfway im startin to feel that it was corny (this was when the twist happen) but it was very refreshing. The ultimate twist is more than what you can figure out, not a new idea, but one which makes complete sense in the movie and one which Jay worked on and brought to the climax - which would have you hoping for a happy ending.

O man... the most touching scene. Jay playing with 1 hand

Rain: Why do u always play with 1 hand?
Jay: so I can hold yours in the another ...

Ok its sounds corny but when I heard it I was like whoa... lol im not a girl for Christ sake but it was really good scene... and good show.


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