Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Week

1) Just got back my medical report, was worried because the doctor was not very pleasant with his comments regarding my health on the 1st check up as if I'm gonna die or something haha. But getting back my medical report only 2 areas were abit abnormal what is it ASK MI! Other than that I'm quite healthy! Thank God

2) This month, every praise and worship session was very intense. I dun wept during the whole session very often. And it really got me asking God "Lord I dun understand, I do not feel I'm in a struggle, or even in any situation that demands tears." But I learnt that this weep is really a conviction that each word I sing is really a heartfelt desire. Thank God

3) TYA Sports day just ended, the kids had fun but they were quite discouraged so Mountbatten gave away our medals to the kids. Thoughts like "Will they truly appreciate or be satisfied with something that didn't earn?" but I believe this is a indirect lesson of Grace to my kids. Besides medals to me really is just another metal, giving it away can b a lesson or blessing why not? Thank God

4) Another one of my friend has taken the initiative to tell me the issues of his relationship. A very important lesson I learn from Josh today was this, sometimes we do not need to have solutions to the problems people confide in you. We just need an open heart and ears even when we do not have the experience or other reasons to deal with such issues. We are people who always offers solutions because we want to be offer solutions and want to deal with the problem. But sometimes that's not wat the person needs, this is a good lesson for a Counsellor. Lastly, Thank GOD

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Case Study 1: Nevertheless

David was a shepherd nevertheless the greatest psalms flow from his pen
David was the youngest and a nobody nevertheless he was anointed King
David faced Goliaths and Saul nevertheless He receives a Jonathan & a Abigail
Nevertheless David took the stronghold
Nevertheless David was a miracle
Nevertheless David was strengthened

Catch the picture?
xxxx was a abuser nevertheless he became a great man of God
xxxx is struggling in life nevertheless God gave people who are beautiful in his life
xxxx was a sex addict nevertheless he was set free from the bondage
xxxx has terminal cancer nevertheless he became a miracle
xxxx faces depression in his life nevertheless he gained new hope and love each morning
Sky is a sinner and failure nevertheless ....

We all need a nevertheless in our lives, what's yours? As long as theres pain, struggles, strongholds there will always be a nevertheless, all yr challenges are NEVER the end. Would encourage u guys, let a prayer whisper in your heart. You fill in the blank, your nevertheless awaits. Besides God made this word beautifully, that we are NEVER THE LESS.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cluster Camp

Cluster Camp was a good time to reflect on my walk. Much more to learn and grow, camp served not only a place gaining wisdom and understanding, but its encouraging to be strengthen and challenged through this 2 days.

Recently, I decided to do a few things and 1 of it is to do a case study of the Heroes in the bible, about the people I see as role models. Hahaha I be using materials from study Bible, message version and books. It makes quiet time much more challenging and more fascinating. So my posts these days will be for my own processing hahaha I will be honoured and happy if you are encouraged by it. Obviously my 1st role model I be studying will be King David.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

SAAB Duathlon

This was a significant race because its the first race after my Ironman. This race was marked by me in hopes of being encouraged. In hopes of getting into the top 3 and giving it a solid finish. Duathlon is a Run-Bike-Run event.

Well it started quite well you know mixing it with the top 5 but it was quite disappointing that I lost sight of them when they made a turn down the tunnel. Due to the lack of road Marshalls, I continue on straight while 10+ participants was following me and some construction worker had to shout we were going the wrong way. So its pretty demoralising as we wasted 1min and 30secs. Whats more disappointing was that in the bike due to road Marshalls the top 8 cycled extra distance SO its pretty much a goner. Hahahaha o well I came in 6th having a solid finish and felt I pushed and strive the entire race which is a good feeling.

It's still an encouragement that triathlon has taught me not only to race but to live. Even on this race I learn to grow more polite under such frustration hahaha changing my OIS to Excuse me and thanks. Some people may think its not a big deal, but my conviction is this let my speech, thoughts and actions exalt God. And sometimes, exalting God is never showy its actually the smallest of things we do.

Off to bed now, listening to pastor preach today was really challenging was really tired hhehhe :D

Monday, June 02, 2008


I look back at my posts since 2006 up till July 2007, and I really wonder. How can my English be so atrocious!
Today, I really wanted to spend time by myself today...WHAT ENGLISH IS THIS??!?

Ok even now it still need some work, but at least what I write, I feel its understandable. Worse yet, I was sooo whiny. My walk with God, my understanding in His Truth in His character was really quite in a mess.

It really makes you appreciate the growth that you cultivate with each choice and each thought in your life. I consider my past, endeavours, achievements rubbish. Not that I'm not proud of it, I really am, but it keeps me focus on things that really matters. Besides its my aggressive take to be humble.

I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining what it ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.