Saturday, July 29, 2006


Impt things this week, 1stly yesterday chior rehersal, so had to get ready for this week. My cell did it together so we had alot of crazy times la...Making out own dance moves and imitate You Yi rap and breakdance lol! And Hard Gay moves LOL siao man. Ya its gd and very delighted we doin it together hope more of these stuff. O...Jedrick and Nick jumped till the stage broke LOL sori accidental prophesy!

Recently, just went to Jennifer and Ying Chao Baptism...this is the 1st baptism I go in my whole life, it was cool and refreshing. I wept while they got baptised, Question "whens my turn?" I am eager and willing. But is sumti pulling mi bck? Parents? Commitment? But I know i want the world to know I wan to stand beside and for My Saviour even thru painful times. Haha its not yet my turn to get baptise and I wept, imagine when its my turn? The congre hav to get baptise with me.... ^^ After that went dinner with some of our network ppl and the delegates had a nice chat plaeing lame games etc...than off we go...Tml is the Big Walk!

Lastly, O ya I am healed from food posoning alrdy 1 hr before the chior rehersal, GOD did what 3 types of medicine cannot do. O and i gt accepted into my Sch TriELITES which is my school triathlon team sooo haha lets Push it to the brim!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Yesterday, Service reminded us again on remembering the poor which it should never have forgotten. I felt it was a service to touched our hearts to help them...Than after that choir debriefing than went for a run with Josh and Pam, learn to plan my training seducle and taking heartbeat rate for improvement.

Today, lol illness attacked me at 12 midnite when I woke up hot and tired but unable to sleep...So had to take MC off today and 80% tml as well. Sorry for my team who had to do a presentation today, I would make up for it. Well it kind of sux because the Clinic skipped my name like 8 times without realizing I am there haha and someone snatched a cab just right beside me when i was waiting there for so long I could just blankly stare...But even thru this simple troubles GOD can really fight for me...An old Lady offered herself and her husband placing to me so I could go in 1st haha thank U...And Behind the 1st cab 2 secs later was another haha so ya even simple things like this I would like to thank GOD. Doctor said I should rest more still -.- and I think my body is rejecting the food I eat. Well lol sumti more I can pray about, k I shld go slp now...

It feels scary that i am soo weak that it is beyond my control, but i give my life to HIM that is my only assurance.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mere Words

Love has no range
You cannot deny
Love has no limits
Just like the sky
Love has no meaning
If u were to cry
Never would tears b in yr eyes
With every breath I live by

Holding yr hand
Whenever I can
Feeling the gentle touch
Cherishing it so much
Deep into your eyes
So beautiful I cant deny
Be there tears
Its what I fear
Praying u smile
That's all I wan now
Hoping u 2 b happy
Hoping it will always b

Haha I do not know how its possible to write or why..I just do...
Looking back..All my peoms r mere words. Compare to wat GOD wanna say

Just Finish a Wedding car...took some pictures for the shop...Enjoy

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Burn Out

Recently Andrew left to Perth, quite sad hes a very good brother who is a very good teacher in guitar and someone I can talk to in a personal level but we know he be back in 4 mths lookin forward to it Bro... Slowing slipping away ever since the Hospitality Duty follow by Logistics followed by Intercession...Plus YA and Basketball. Amazingly and Thanking GOD even with 1-3 hrs of sleep for over the week I am still sustaining strong and still able to fast 4 Singapore. He can do the impossible indeed, Ask and it will b answered. Anyway back to topic why I say I am slipping because I have not been able to sit and talk to my CG for very long, I barely get to c them much more pray and tok to them which I know there are a lot of recent happenings happening to them everyday... And I have forgotten about other considerations like school which have been lagging very badly and my frens outside the church...And even accounting to Josh.

Josh wants me to cut down on stuff because I have not been fast to recuperate, which I agree. Although its not on the physical level but I feel its more on the mental and spiritual level, he sees that I am getting burn out without me knowing it and telling me to b wise and re-affirms that its been very good that I have been serving. Even the choir for this this coming week haha sort of de-barred me from going although I felt like doing it. But the last week will b our CG choir doing it whole ^^.

I be dropping YA and Logistics unsure about the other duties...Other things been happening this week, but I wun bother blogging it haha GOD knows and something I prayed about so I give my life into his hands...

Lastly and most recently, I want to thank GOD and thank for people who prayed and talked to me like Josh and my CG plus Zhen Rong Thank u for simply being there I felt motivated and his presence I yearn for so much...Really thank GOD for my spiritual family the thing I won't give up upon! ^^

Sometimes I have a lot of people telling me serve GOD serve GOD by doing this and that haha although its good because the church has the resources for u to use... But for those who r not "serving" at tt level, let mi re-affirm Serve GOD even by simply glorifying him in everyday u do, like doing the best in yr school or work. This is a basic thing to serve GOD but not a lot of us have been doing it ^^

Colossians 3:24
24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.

Lord I serve is not for my eternal reward in heaven...I serve u because u r my Father and I want tt smile on yr face more than my life in Jesus name I pray AMEN

Monday, July 10, 2006


Lol I am back finally to blog... These days have been real packed but not from sch... But from FUN! lol could spend a lot of time with my Bros/Sis there's a lot of pictures from the BBQ n Settlers lol I won't talk would let the pictures speak for themselves. *IF U WAN THE UNEDITED PICTURES JUZ ASK*

Let there b Fire!

Shio AR!


Sunday, July 02, 2006


Today I be bloggin quite long, so people who r tedious or stressed just skip this post, but I am writing it because it has really affected me this week and actually the past few months... But anyway don't read if you are stressed but PLZ TAG OR CHAT WITH MI about the problems so I can pray for U.

1stly My triathlon finished, Praise GOD then I managed to run with ease and with consistency. I was very nervous at 1st but when I prayed with Kenny and the runners, the tension was gone and I could run with a new strength in me and I like to say this very short prayer that I feel its very good for athletics and especially for my self. "GOD make my feet light, bestow strength in me and SOAR with me" Indeed it came true.

Recently, the word I am be using is DRY n UNMOTIVATED... In truth these past few months have been very tedious, tight, meaningless and drained for me. I have been struggling a lot because life has become meaningless and dry, for example worries in my life come 1 after and another...Not only my own, but the church and especially my frens... Don't get me wrong I like to talk thru all of yr problems and share yr burden Frens... I enjoy praying for u all even when I am asleep or saying Grace whatsoever. But I felt it has been a lot that it really affected my mood when I am away frm church and my Spiritual Bro/Sis. I enjoy my time with time but when I am away frm these 2 suddenly my world is very DRY very empty very meaningless... That whatever I go its just for the sake of doing, very Burnt out worse... I felt the lack of Love the only motivation why I serve.

Sadly, I felt like leaving church, I felt not much of a reason to stay on. Also my duties have been adding onto the pile of junk in my life. Again do not get me wrong, I like serving but what affects me is why am I doing it? Is it really Serving GOD or MAN? In short, I have lose all motivation to do my duties, come church or even to live.

Today I decided to talk to Josh about it, and just nice today's sermon was right on the spot. GOD really came at the right time when I felt like leaving the church. A Simple life is a life which simply loving Jesus... SO short and simple. Although with its simplicity but its not easy to do. Because sometimes we sin and displease GOD. But what made me driven again was... Let Jesus be yr motivation in everyti... Drown yrself by his love, I am nt going to talk a lot about it but it really struck me. I decided to share it openly in my cell, Josh gave a question that is so true in my life. Let GOD be yr motivation, we do things for him but how do u serve or love GOD when it is difficult when u feel u dun wan to? When u serve at the end of the day ask yrself y do u serve GOD?

I have been serving, caring and even praying by using my own abilities, and I have not been motivated by GOD's love at all... After all that was the main reason why I accepted Christ, His love. I felt the time when u feel drained or dry to serve or come to church. What do we do to spurs us on...Simple... HIS love...Even the times when we r hurt or in difficult times...DO it because we love him

GOD I pray u forgive me for ever thinking or leaving that...Lord right here right now I pray that let the Seed of love have roots in my heart that I will never forget the glory and power of your love. The Only motivation that I live by the drives me against all odds. Lord I pray that loving u through difficult times will make us mature and grow but I pray that u will bless us to continue just simply loving U.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Race starting within 2 hrs...
Finish Jigsaw Check
Pray Check

Read his WORD Check
Warm up Uncheck
I am excited about today because i know GOD is there to run with me, lets hav fun and pain together ^^