Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Peace of Life

After 2 days ago, it dawn onto me question on how peaceful am I? Josh is right, sometimes we don't need answers we just need peace. Sometimes we need answers to get peace, than isn't our dependence be on the answers and not GOD? Phil 4:7 The peace of GOD that transcends all understanding

Lord, like battles we fight
Let there be peace in the world tonight
Take away our fears,
Wipe away our tears,
Our hearts are heavy,
Embrace us, give us hope
Replace hatred with love,
Sorrow with joy,
Let our hearts be light
Let there be peace in the world tonight.

Life is like an unfinished puzzle, we want to know how, why, what, formulas of life to just go through but sadly sometimes it isn't. It becomes a challenge a struggle.

Sometimes when u r in a junction of life, and when u feel lost, not sure of letting go, people comments seem to make u feel crushed u really do not need answers u need GOD. So sumhow for my Dear fren and including myself, will u live tt?.


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