Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Can I Not Respond

When u call, How can I not respond
Be the oasis, in the desert
Believing for rain, among all the hurt
Building a legacy, hands stretched to the weak
Refreshing the weary, when times seem bleak
Strengthening the drained, when victory is near
Standing with the timid, conquering all fears
Lord I answer, How can I Quit?
As I lay my life my all at your feet

By his grace, every word he place in my heart doesn't comes out just poetry but as a response to my salvation.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Its great to have the opportunity to sit down with Josh once again to catch up and share. Its important as I gain new insight, clarity of the call I was given especially when one is so drained. I am further convinced THIS IS HIS WILL FOR ME. The Oasis in the desert. The Thirst Quencher.

After the field camp 10 days of rigorous training planning and the one hour sleep nights, I came back drained and weary. Furthermore I was initially charged of 14 days of removal of privileges. My prayer was survival mode, my blazing fire was a smoldering wick. I could press on, I persevere like how I am trained. But NO I did not embrace the struggle the call, I am not appreciating the lesson God is teaching "How do u get refreshed?"

Ironically, Josh lead me to the passage where Jesus asked for water and how this Samaritan Woman became among the first evangelist. "My Food" said Jesus, "is to do the will of him who sent me to finish his work" My refreshment is..... doing the will of God... Weird? Maybe...Hard to accept. Perhaps. But it's God's word and thats all I need to hang on to. I can testify its true when one does HIS work he gets refreshed, as you pray for the soldier beside u, u get fired up. When one needs help, your hand if the first to be there, your spirit is engaged & strengthen. I am reminded, my call is not done. He is the living water which I draw, I am refreshed by doing the work he call me. Lord, once again I am the drink offering being poured out.