Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fire In the Bones

But to have received so much and not able to pour it out.
Consumed but only I get to benefit.
Set ablaze and not spreading more of his warmth.

I slowly grasped and I'm humbled, that I have received so much. So so much. That the only reason I can give is because I have first received. I can only love because I have first embraced His love.
I am stuck... Not because I am not giving it all but because he is giving me so much, that my outlet is not big enough for his input. Its refreshing and painful that I CANT OUTGIVE HIM.
I need this penned down because of the next adventure into a foreign land. I come face to face with this issue once more. That I wish to do so much more, give so much more. But I am limited, constrained and restricted by the boundaries emplaced by authorities which I have to love and respect. It has been like this in every platform I have stood.
There is must be more than this. Consuming Fire, fanned into flame, a passion for His name.
I am desperate, thirsty and ravenous...that I cant contained, to give it all. Because He has ALWAYS always been enough.