Monday, September 29, 2008

1 Audience

Recently, I have experience the seriousness of my walk with Christ. Daily as our influence grow among our sphere of influence. We have the ability to impact people lives, making a difference and truly able to cultivate their field.
In the same time, we can also cripple their walk, destroying their guarded lives and pulling the crops before the harvest.

For an example, I have always passionately preach a live of set apart for Our Dear Christ and for our true partner. Of course, its more than saying, I have to respond to that decision, that choice and to my salvation. With humility I say this, somehow that decision and lifestyle have inspire many. Encouraging them to truly live that life and I understand it's tremendous difficulty.
BUT...the pressure, expectation is great. I realise, once I fall, my words that is inspired by the Holy Spirit falls to the floor, my deeds becomes rubbish and my crops will be burnt. People lose the encouragement, and hopefully not, they lose hope.

And that really increases the pressure and burden in my heart to the extent that I am anxious in what I do with my life. Its good, if its balanced but too much anxiousness becomes what? Anxiety...And having anxiety is simply already disobeying God, because He cares for us.

This picture super cute, hope u get it.
And this whole month I have been learning to tune my focus, not looking to the left or right. but 1 focus, 1 God, 1 Saviour. Yes we r to establish God's Kingdom in our marketplace etc etc, and to do that without pressure, burden, is to understand that in everything we do. We only have ONE Audience. :D

And if we stumble, let the revelation of the cross dawn upon u, we are already cleaned as we confess. But that doesn't give u a stupid reason to live life irrationally. So be careful of what u say, do and think fellow bros and sis. U nvr know whether u r cultivating or destroying :D

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Birds have 3 methods of flying, first is flapping keeping their wings in constant motion to counteract gravity. Flapping keeps u in the air, but takes alot of work.
Second method is gliding. Birds build enough speed, than coasts downward awhile, its much more graceful than flapping. But it does not get the bird very far. Reality in the form of gravity sets in. Gliding is nice but it does not last.

The last method is soaring. Only a few birds like eagles are capable of this. Their wings are so strong that they are capable of catching rising currents of warm air and without moving a feather soar up to great heights...

Isaiah 40:31
But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They WILL SOAR on wings like eagles; they WILL run and not grow weary, they WILL walk and not be faint.

Whats hope? Hope is trusting God's power to deliver, having faith that HIS Word is truth. Isiah is so confident he mention WILL x 3

I was so confident my spiritual life was gliding, I believe I can do better thus not saying its soaring but the holy Spirit corrected me. I'm still flapping and flapping like a humming bird. 70 flaps per sec. Flapping with my own strength, own power, own will. Yes we are to be intentional to be discipline in living blameless life but its not by ANY of this that I am righteous, going to church dun make me more spiritual.

To relate that to a challenge in life, eg. living life set apart for God or your partner, its nt by JUST yr own discipline that keeps that walk possible. It takes grace, DAILY surrender, transformation. And mainly the holy Spirit to tutor, guide and encourage.

Its time ladies and gentleman, to catch a gust of the spirit, to keep us soaring. In times of disappointment and weakness to soar and not glide or flap, sometimes we just need to be Still and hope... please note ... I said SOMETIMES :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Being Real

For a long time, I got real today. Its been so long, since I had to kneel to cry, soon it became a wail, to beckon for his embrace, desiring to hold Him.

All is well in my life, my Christian walk is fine, everything is good. But I have to confess, I'm really tired. A desire so strong to walk righteously before Him, I'm actually exhausted in doing whats right.

And really thanks to this brother, one whom we are committed to each other success is really an understatement. He reminded me something so simple yet we totally miss the point"
Sky, you are concentrating too much on doing wat is right? We are dealing with the spiritual realm here, its not by power,strength, might to do whats right. Its by grace."

I have lost sight of things, in the process of doing whats righteous I lost sight of the one who made me righteous. Even as I blog, I'm so concern whether if its right or encouraging it actually feels like a job. I done the right things but forgotten the most important thing. BUT We can take HEART and REJOICE!

Its by grace...Its by grace... After so long...That truth still seem so hard to embrace, too big to fully understand, so ridiculous to accept that its true. But its TRUTH, its TRUTH, its TRUTH.

Lord forgive me, you are not impressed with the number of righteous acts I do like I do. You are moved by the daily act of surrender. By what I believe and strive. And let me truly surely sincerely pursue that intimacy with you, let that grip my heart so tight. SO tight Lord! Thank U Lord for you are good that u reminded me, its not me, its you

Monday, September 08, 2008

70.3 Singapore Ironman

Whoa! I woke up with a prayer "Lord let me bless your heart today". I really felt great throughout the whole race, in great pain yes. but a sense of joy, confidence, strength and commitment is being found in each stroke, pedal or stride.
The race boasts of 58 different nationalities on race day, with a new cycling route along the expressway. Truely its a race worth remembering.

A few goals I set on that race day
1. finish it strong
2. 6 hrs or less
3. be smiling all the way

I'm not sure whether I did it in 6 hrs, but I defiantly finish strong, running with steady wide strides, running with a praise in my heart, and a smile! :D Encourage u guys to do it, it really an exciting journey as Christ as yr encourager and coach. Each race has taught me how to run the eternal race, the race that really matters, the crown that last forever. It always has been a humbling journey once you know the things that matters.

I won't be doing any triathlon training this week as I decided to give myself a personal retreat to discern about the ultimate question "Lord, do I go for the Ironman?" Haha NAPFA test next week!

Pictures below with cheerleaders/supporters and my teammates

I still can jump!

Proposing to her HAHAHA