Sunday, December 31, 2006


Today is the last day of 2006, I have accomplished goals I never think of doing and its all GOD's work. But why am I lethagic? Frustrated? Worried?

U know that verse that every1 seems to know? Psalm 37:4 "Delight in the Lord and he gives your heart desires"? There be times the Lord will ask me"What do u want or need?" or "What does your heart desire?"

I want a Tri Bike, I want to rest more, I want to buy things I want, I want to do things that I do not have the time to do.

But when the LORD ask me that question "What does your heart desire?" I wanted to say all those things but yet I always answer "To please u Lord, to bring a smile unto your face, let me be a better servant for u, bless my spiritual and physical family. Keep them close to u, make them cast all burdens to U. Let their prayers be heard for u love them so much". Honestly...Something inside me did not want to answer or ask GOD for things I want but somehow that's always my answer. Am I afraid to ask? Is that an honest answer? I am not so self-centered? I do not know.

Sometimes I am tired from doing things that its not what I want but what GOD or the community wants. I am frustrated of doing things that cause me unable to rest but yet I choose to be responsible. I am worried of people who do not care or bother, worried for things that its none of my business.

But all these I choose to because I want to PLEASE GOD and I still do. And thats servanthood!

Lord forgive me, forgive me for feeling like this, Forgive me I could not be a better servant. But I thank you! For things u have done and will do! Your servant has ran a long race. He has never compromise you for anything else before Lord and he never will. I have never ask u for things my heart desires. Lord I humbly ask is continue blessing these people for the new year and thank you for making me grow so much through this year.

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank u for the blessings for 2006 for my frens, family and myself. Thank u for keeping them strong. Thank u for 2007 will be a year of victory for U. Rejoicing every moment!

Lord do u remember is was through a countdown party I first came into the house of GOD? UNFORGETABLE

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas for Me

Just passed Christmas, so many things happened so I try to give as short as I can of what happen this past 2 days. (Which a lot of I forgot)

Remembered going out a lot haha, Cell group dinner with Josh and the guys (Don't I look at the same age as these charming guys ^^). It was great and everytime going out with Josh and You Yi I learn a lot whether its spiritual or logically. Enjoyed the dinner we had. After that went out to what "Night at the Museum" with Yenn, Pam, Syl, Juan, Andrew, Kenny, Lionel, Si Ling, Zhen Chang. It was super funny. Met with with Quan Wei guys and Xiao wen, and went to eat and drink at Glutton's Bay (ate there like a million times) After that went to Andrew house mahjong, while not really mahjong was teaching them abit taking over my Ming Shifu place for a day.

For today, brought some of the people (Yenn, Juan, Syl, Pam, Jun Ming, XiaoWen, Andrew) Into Chinese Swimming Club. Play snooker, badminton and taught some of them swimming followed by jacuzzi and eating! ^^

Lastly I want to write about Christmas, I think a lot of people knows Christmas is about the birth of Christ. But what caught me was Pastor Khong said Christmas is about you. When I heard that I almost shouted loudly. Its so true AMEN. A lot of "SPIRITUAL" people will say "NO ITS ABOUT CHRIST". Well thats true too. But Christmas is more personal than we think, its the day that GOD sealed yr salvation by sending his son to believe in Him. It was the day that I know my life will change because of that very day. Its the day Christ died for this sinner name Sky 2006 years later.

Lord Thank U...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hell Days Won By GOD's Grace

Haha today is just an boring update on the camp. I had a training camp just a few hours ago, 2 days and close to 2 nights. We manage to book a room only so female n males slept in the same room. Chosen Triathletes are to been put into a training program to kick start our next season.

It was not easy to pull through the training days, its not hard but its long and continues. Furthermore the rain was horrible rained throughout the camp. But training had to go on.
Tired. Drained. But by GOD's Grace I will soar.

1st day
Swam Laps, Stroke Correction video and class, Ran from school to Sentosa (Haha Quite far) and end off with static exercise (200 Crunches, 120 Flatter Kicks and 120 Push-Ups.) Meeting after that, watch the race on Kona Hawaii Ironman 2004, and had to stay up late to deal with our NP Biathlon event. Took turns to sleep. Slept for 4 hrs and went for breakfast

2nd Day
We didn't do much today because rain was very heavy, and had to settle the Event with our Advisor. Apparently he had a bad day so we got it also. I didn't really expect I had to deal with so many politics, contacts and favor are important in the school. And in real life, but still I always believe GOD favor is still the most important and its worth it. Anyway we played short games and do static again. (600 push ups, 400 crunches)

Here I am back home sweet home. I thank GOD for the little trust/favor and open doors with my Advisor, school and me. I thank GOD for my brother who help me out so much and so well. I thank GOD for the camp, making me stronger. I thank GOD for my physical goals I have set. Lastly I thank GOD for just being GOD hah
a Amen...

Monday, December 11, 2006


Felt I needed to blog before I carry on studying.

Days have been mentally busy, due to the upcoming tests, I have been putting in more effort than usual although my lectures my concentration was like 30% but somehow I manage to catch up and also the TriElite organized event, training camp etc, my friends on the upcoming MOL, my commitments, my responsibilities.

But what also added a part was this. My whole life countless people share their hurts, their rocky life and their pain with me. Lately it seems a lot of people I care to seem to have a lot of things that they worry, and sometimes it really kept me thinking, why am I always there on the right time on the right place at the right moment. Why is it always me? Why? Why?

But than I decided not to ask myself questions but give GOD answers. The more I ask myself the more I will sink. But the more I do the right things, things I should do, I can make a difference to bless them.

And yet a lot of people seem to think I am burdened, always worrying for them and myself, always burying myself hiding my hurts from the world. They ask why? They ask "aren't you tired from your own problems but now u have ours?" They ask why is it me, and sometimes I see sadness from them when they ask.

All I can say is, I do not worry, I am not stressed or tired. Why? Because my answer is "It is written". It is written that's all.

Philippians 4:13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength
1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you
2 Corin 9:8 And GOD is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

So much more

My bible is my greatest gift from GOD other then his Son and the Holy Spirit. It is also my greatest gift from Josh and thank him that it was a gift worth anyti I could have. I learn so much from it more than my 16 years on earth. My Bible is my wall to rely upon to lean to depend.

Now its yr choice to believe what it is written.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Standard Chartered Marathon

Runners were warming up at the start line, while yet again I among the last of the pack. The day was cooling, even with little breeze. Soon the horn echoed in my ears and it began.

Suprisingly, Standard Chartered Marathon, an international event, I thought was to achieve my goal and its over. But yet, I felt that running was not a duty anymore, I was running because just simply enjoying. Before I started I simply spoke to HIM for awhile, asking him to bless this run and with strength etc to make me run well to achieve the goal. "Sky just run with me today" that was the only thing was in my heart that day.

I enjoyed every step I take, every person I ran past, it was not because I wanted to finish well But simply just run. Just Run...

I finished the run in 1hr 50mins 4secs competing against international runners from the world. Top 150 on Chip base time. I finish breaking the 2 hrs barrier, and 20secs behind a fellow Triathelete who is a National. My brother broke the 4hr barrier for a full marathon by 7 mins. Everyone did very well including some runners as their first time.

But what was better, it felt good.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Goals vs Dreams

Have not been talking about my races, training etc. Tomorrow is Standard Chartered Marathon, be running 21.1km although I felt I wanted to do a 42km but I was underage so that be next year's goal.

Firstly, an update for the Tuas Run, there were 6000 runners. Not sure how many boys but Praise GOD I came in top 50 ranked 24 even with the numbness on my legs unable to push it, I felt I finish well but could be better. And this is a picture of the medal. U realize there be 2 50 cents coins next to it because I want u to c how sad the medal is lol its like a keychain.

For the Marathon, I felt very little pressure because the school is not breathing down on my neck that whether I do well anot, thus I feel quite relax even its just a few hours away from the race. Other then my school training, I have not been putting in slots of my own training for this race thus uncertain of the outcome.

My goal is minimum do it within 2 hrs, but I been seeking, and although I am not confident but I believe I will aim to do it in 1hr 40mins or even better that's been my dream placed by the Lord.

A goal is something u can set for yourself, a dream is something what GOD set 4 u and it be given 2 U. Lord I hope my dream is not too small for u haha. And tomorrow even a race I am not there to win, its a race significant for my GOD.