Wednesday, May 30, 2007

1 Photo beat all

This guy, handicapped due to polio, Finish the Triathlon even when his legs are a factor. CAme out the water fast, Cycle the storm and Climb the hills with his wheelchair which is 5 times more difficult! He finished Well! the rest of the photos are taken by photographers ^^

Monday, May 28, 2007

Battle with the Storm (Literally)

My Testimony may this encourage those who read
As some of you all know, I have just returned from Bintan Olympic Triathlon 1.5km Swim 40km Cycle 10km Run. Its really Christ's mercy, grace, glory power that I finish that race. Thank you Lord! For that protection, strengtth and drive. This race glory and my worship is to u alone!

Swim (Most Heart burning)

It started with a 1.5km swim, sea was clear not choppy. But having 500+ triathletes swimming, its like in a washing machine! Haha, swim was ok except for the grabbing, pushing, and struggling. Came out of the water pretty front.

Cycle (Most GOD Blessed Part)
Went into Transition T1, came out with my bike and ride. just 100m and I crashed into 2 cyclists as 1 of them try to cut into my lane. I shouted and yet he still came into my lane. Thus crashing and skidded. Back, Knee, Hands have major abrasions and bleeding everywhere. Bike handle also gone case. Manage to get up and rode. Honestly I was pretty angry and demoralised already. It was not just pain, but it was the feeling that like "ARGH out of all days!"

The most exciting part is yet to come. After like 1km. Dark clouds covered the sky. And it showered like crazy. And I did not mean drizzle, its like pouring cats and dogs plus lightning. Cycling at 30-35km/hr the rain was like needles to my skin. (thank GOD for my shades, 1st time every1 wear shades in rain. U C I TOLD u its performance) Had to battle wind, rain, storm,pain, fatigue, discouragement and my opponents all at once. Woohoo. Cycling against the wind and rain left half the time my face to be constipated LOL, talking to GOD was my motivation.

Run (Most Challenging)
As I got down on my bike, slightly in front of Kelvin Ching. Seeing him spurred me on and I went for the run. The storm stopped, sun up. And I ran into the 1st obstacle which was the killer hills. The hills were so high its like running Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Entrance. No Kidding. And running 4 of those in each loop. 8 in total. Imagine my legs? lol Burst man! Nothing could have trained me for the hills. As everyone walked up, I wanted to as well but u guess what I saw. RAINBOW!!

Rainbow signifies GOD's promise to us (read Exodus), as I remember I pushed on knowing his promises are for me to claim. Took on every hill running, even when I was like ARGHHHH.

Finished 6th in my category, 2:56:35 my 1st OD triathlon and was very happy it was under 3hr as that's the goal.

Have u ever wonder, why would a rainbow appear after a storm? I mean yea its the light and water prism thing. But don't you think GOD out of all things create such a wonderful purpose of a rainbow?

Out of all Storms, remember HIS Promise for you to claim!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Further Break me Lord

u Lord Shatter my heart, Break my Spirit, Drain my strength, Drench my joy, Weaken my body.
In the end, I am yours to be that blessing to others.

Every Sunday has been with tears, feeling horrible...But really sense GOD doing his works in me. And after Pastor preached, i felt affirmed but yet unwilling at the same time.

It showed not only where am I in life, but how strong my heart truly is for Christ. I believe I have to make my choice whether I allow GOD to use me

Lord I wanna be stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually! Like muscles to b torn to be stronger. Lord let it happen more in my life

O anyway very encouraged by sis did her 1st half marathon, my goodness 1 hr 51mins! Fast man...see her blog in my link and be inspired as she run her own race/life for Christ

Events to bless
Oakley Dualthlon done
Organising TYA BBQ done
Bintan Triathlon
Global Day of Prayer
Triathlon Clinic
Network Camp
Lifeguard Exam
School Exam
YA Volunteer Retreat
YA Sports Day

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Enduring with Blood Stained Knees

Today, it was more than weeping, more than ministry. It was my silent, sorrowful cry, my shout to GOD. Tears flowing uncontrollably, my strength dried, determination broken, my will lost leaving my Spirit enduring. For the first time in this year. I wanted to give up.

Give up in everything that I do or did. My family, my friends, my school, my goals, my finance, my team, my sport.

At the end of the sermon, but when Jackie spoke. And start releasing those ministry words. Tears flow down my face like a waterfall.

"We have our mistakes, our flaws, our struggles"
"No one can do your race"
"We will fall, but its all right, its Ok"
"Finish the Race"

She shared about the story of the marathon runners its like the struggles we go through. Runners running with bloodstained knees really smack me in the face so hard. I felt it was something that I relate to my own life. Closing my eyes and cried.

Envisioning being the runner not even half way through my race. And yet I have fall again and again. With blood stained knees due to my flaws, my mistakes, my struggles, my expectations, my past, myself. I felt I could not go on, I really could not. The more she spoke the more my tears were.

Gnashing my teeth while crying, not wanting to kneel, wanting to stand strong. Praying I can endure and not give up, I spoke to my Lord.

"Lord, I will even crawl to the Finish Line"
And more tears came

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Christ's Freak

Scene: On our way home

>.<: Don't you happen to like or love anyone?

Sky: ? I love Christ man

>.<: Man Sky u r such a JESUS freak


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Better Man

Today the triathletes gang talking about Ironman than Pastor said JOKINGLY this today, "Do not be Ironman but a better Man."

Its so true but of coz I aim to be both, I really have to work myself to be a stronger, more mature and better man of Christ. Being strong physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Josh said this, To beat and train your body than to be strong. Its the same as my other aspects of my life like spiritual and emotional, struggles will come. The choice is...Do I choose to grow and nuture? or give in and wept in sorrow and self-pity?

Lord u know my answer, I just need you to strengthen me, and thats my prayer to u everyday. After today sermon, We know
prayers makes more than a difference or impact. It changes!

Got a few photos super retarded and funny Enjoy. Must see the one below! Super Funny its about the movie "300" but Mario form

Wednesday, May 02, 2007



Fidelia is so nice ..... -.- Happy? lol OK la my spiritual family included other network people like Ben Seow, Elias, Sam and not to forget Feeee were crazy and nuts today, just spending time eating and eating. These people are all really fools for Christ! Hallelujah! I am blogging because I am told too. But it was really a good time when I could let go of everything including my weight MAUHAHA and just have fun. There b more ^^

1 of the best things God Bless, are the people around u. Family, Frens, and Christ.