Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I think I look like that. Haha Everybody like to play around with my age so much, no idea why. Hahaha I have consolidated a number of crazy responses by people who ask about my age so far.

It gets worse and worse everytime.

"You Don't look your age"
"You look mature" Emphasising the word "LOOK"
"Wa SIao!"
"Finish NS?"
"U look 21?"
"Which Uni you From?"
"So Sky where are u working?"
"You look like a engineering lecturer"
"Sky You Married?" I Have no idea where that came from
"You look like you already have kids"

Golden Star
While buying Loreal facial wash, I was haneded Anti-Aging Cream. Gt so depressed hahaha.

Yet sometimes like today, people think i'm a primary school kid. I really wonder do I look so old or young?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Have not been very updated with my blog recently, I guess too much things has happen before I could consolidate my thoughts and emotions. Being 2 favorites TriElite, Dragonboat and the other clubs have a local running event. Facing fierce opposition of giants, the team manage to get 1st.

The result of being not Giant, but David and needing HIM. It was not the win I should truly thank GOD for. I'm honored to be able to honour my brothers/sisters/comrades and honour HIM. As one of my brothers could not race in the National IVP I wanted to give my last position for him to run (being a last runner is important to finish well) But he said no and I'm glad I could give him this win as he said "It was my last memorable competitive race"

I guess these days, I continue to learn truly whats honour? What it means to truly honour u Lord? And I'm asking myself, sadly its abit late...What truly is victory for me this year? Is it really achievements of goals, being more influential? Able to finish this, get this, do that? I'm starting to realise... yes its victories... but its not my ending point and besides its too small for a BIG GOD I have don't you think? What is truly yr victory this year?

Monday, November 05, 2007

More than Discipline

Been feeling great these few weeks. Its not my holidays, its not bcuz I gotten rich or have a fulfilling relationship, its not even Sky sleeping more than usual.

Waking up each morning to train before/after going to school, ironically for doing sumti so painful and tedious (compare to sleeping) I am looking forward to it. Its not just training, but school, frens, team, my balance in life.

Been disicplining in the morning speaking in tongues, telling him, Lord I really REALLY cannot do this each day without U. Which is a fact. Studies etc? Life? Prep an Ironman? Its tough no joke. Ironman; Entertaining these images very often these days. Its huge its not just any other. Its THE race for me, my race marked out. I need HIM I cannot emphasise more on that (tried checking the thesaurus)

That's my wisdom everyday, Needing HIM... What about u?