Saturday, September 08, 2007

Holding on

Learnt this somewhere this week...Sum it up with a poem
Faith... is the art of holding on to things your belief once accepted, despite your changing moods, your struggles, and people's beliefs and discouragement

To Hold On

In my heart I fear
With discouragement I face
Came a touch and whisper
I experience HIS embrace

No one but you knows
Endless love and grace
like river it flows
Empower to run the race

To hold on, to be strong
To live righteous with compassion
I worship with more than song
2 the LORD of all creation

Its been tough to be strong, to hold onto my faith and even my smile. But I choose to. People wont understand till they are u. But we know we are all each specifically wonderfully and fearfully made.

Lesson: I get shaken easily in life, my belief, my faith my confidence my emotions. When the world question, doubt, discourage and label u. The truth Remains, when I cant love myself, Christ still loves.


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