Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Discipline comes from Disciple

Last Sun, Pastor talks about Striving for Excellence, and realising he emphasise quite abit on discipline. He define discipline is persistently doing the things that you do not want to do. I defined discipline as doing the things behind all the glory. We all have our own share of struggle regarding discipline. Why is discipline so important? Because simply its biblical. And I realise...the word discipline comes from the word Disciples. To truly be a disciple takes discipline.

Discipline to love when u hate the person, to encourage when u are discouraged, to claim victories when u have defeats. Aaaaaa Defeats... no glory in defeats, no growth, no joy really simply sucks. One can only grow when u have victories. As I looked back, in time of February. I had no victory, lets face it it was a defeat but not THE defeat. Straight I was launched into camp, defeats and discouragement from all directions including myself not only rolled into my life but my heart. But out of all these I defeats, one have to fight, conquer and claimed the victories not by choice but by discipline.
This pic is so awesome, this is discipline behind all the glory.

Where was the victory in my midst of defeats? It starts in my heart. With each choice, each thought. That is what it means by Growing from strength to strength. Growing from victory to victory, glory to glory. Being discipline to give thanks, to know every season God is good, to seek God. I know its hard it really is, but it takes disicpline to claim your victories people. Start with your heart and your victories will be seen in your circumstances.
Its so easy to give up, so easy to just say I'm done, so easy to say I'm contented with my defeat and so be it because I'm like that I get content with things that I don't ask for more. It takes discipline to say if God willing I want more, I want to do more get more and I can have it. It takes grace and discipline to truly be more than conquerors, to be true disciples.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Remembering my Name

Alot of things have been timely these days, right people talking to me, opportunity to help, position to encourage. More importantly, God has reminded me of my name.

Beginning of my Christian walk, I did not understand. But month by month I know. As I look up I remember I have hope, my life, the people I care, my love story. That's the reason my name is "Sky" for those who do not know. But it doesn't stop there, it was also a commission. To bring the light and hope to this broken world.

We are in the business in giving hope. Out of the 3, one can lose love, u can stop loving someone. One can even lose faith, but God is faithful. But one can never lose hope. That's why theres a need for inspirational people like Nick. A man without limbs, having hope in God. Inspiring millions. I ask God that day "Is Nick testimony so powerful just because of his circumstance?"

The answer is no, it was his God, his character that was moulded he grew from strength to strength. Each victory in his choice, conviction, discipline, surrender and hope made him this strong man I admire. I believe the take back message for that day is this. We all have our own kind of circumstance. Remember David's life well, the chapters in his life no miracles were shown. But he was one...Let the same go for us. Being the miracle to others :)