Friday, April 30, 2010

Gradual Increase in Force

EX CRESCENDO, the final phase of an officer cadet. The A levels for a JC student. The last 100m of the marathon. This is the final assessment to test our knowledge, capability, leadership, mental toughness and our spirit. Crescendo, a word associated to music, "a gradual increasing in volume, loudness and force" speaks loads on the coming exercise how difficult it will be. The pressure, stress and little sleep will not only push us more to our limits but to sharpen the character within.

This is my last shout as a cadet, my last sprint. To lead inspiring command, to excel in all I do, to overcome not just obstacles but my struggles. To be once again having appointment is both perplexing and humbling. I have gotten appointment ever since BMT, to be in charge and hopefully blazing a trial. Platoon Commander in OCS, PT IC in ETI, Store IC in CBRE and now Platoon Commander in this exercise. Worse, staying long periods being in charge really makes u be stretched more and more.

Never to back down blessing, Never surrender to circumstances. To train aggressively to have that mentality was humbling and it was only forged as me being a leader. Seeing new purpose and freshness in what I do, God was right, there is a time for everything, I will know when I am finished with this.
I believe the appointment holders for this Exercise will be further tested for the Sword of Honour/ Merit Calibre or the Engineer Officer Advance Course. If I manage to be part of this range of leaders I will be an OC/Captain of a Company for NSman in future. Its not just a higher rank but a higher platform to be a blessing, a wider sphere of influence to be an inspiration. Thus I will not waste such an opportunity.

Pray for me guys, I will go there foaming but come back victorious. Its not just being tested but me be sharpen into character. Its not just my capabilities but me needing God. Its not just me excelling but me advancing his Kingdom. Amen.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Desire

I cant help but demand a challenge...A desire, reinforced by my call. I am not satisfied by what I am already doing... Lord, I want to do more. See more. Live more.