Monday, January 28, 2008

26 Days

26 more days

I love the feeling when I'm weak, when I'm afriad, when I worry that I have nothing to hold onto but only U, Lord.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fell in Love

Dear all, Im sorry.

I gave in, I was caught by her beauty, I didnt believe in love in first sight, its also love in first flight. But her attractiveness overwhelm me. Her slim figure, my fingers moving past the surface, cherishing the moment. Her white porcelein skin, like the snow, swept the feet of most guys. I could not help it. I tot u all should know

that I have fell in love.









Wun be wise for me to get it, not very work friendly, but just wanted to admire it. Even if its super thin and nice.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

HAHAHAHHAHA -.-......I'm sorry thanks to someone I'm having cheap thrills these days

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Truth of my Past Love Stories

My past, relationships was my life, my strength, my weakness, my joy and my sorrow. It was everything to me, until I knew Jesus again.

In a Christian bookstore and browsing though the items, as some of you may know, I'm particular in reading books. But as I went past a book, I stopped and I felt a prompting to buy it. It was so spontaneous I was surprised by myself.
Titled : When GOD Writes Your Love Story!

After reading, I could not but wept in my heart, such similarities we had, the authors and myself. The struggles, the joy and ultimately the pain. I received much more than wisdom, but clarity in my life, new joy and new excitement.

As a Christian, we are taught and told to listened and obey carefully to the instructions on dating. Like no one on one, its wise to set a covenant etc.
I finally understood why I'm not eager to obey even if I do and know its right. If I’m trying to follow a rule just because I have to, inside will grow resentful and begrudging. I am not obeying commands because I love GOD and want to please him; I am doing it simply BECAUSE ITS EXPECTED of ME.

Rules do not create a Godly relationship, only leaning on our faithful Father and longing to please him with everything I do will set the stage for a beautiful romance. I'm not saying rules are not wrong, its the wisest options ever.

I just do not want to be motivated or convicted by rules or a command, but by the love of the Father. Why?
Because rules don't change my heart. Rules it’s something to restrict me, while my heart yearns. I want to deal with the deeper and true issue in me. My heart.

After reading, I'm so excited ever 2 let go my LOVE STORY to GOD! As I was still finding my “soul-mate” by my own strength, I told him “Lord if I dun let u write my Love Story, Shut the door, let me not get Married.” (LOL that’s a serious prayer eh?)

Relationships are rampant nowadays, am I LOVING MY WIFE NOW EVEN IF I DO NOT KNOW WHICH HER? Am I faithful to GOd and her both whom I have or truely know. Tts really faith and a sweet song of love isn't it?
Ultimately, I learn being faithful to your wife does not start when you met her. It already started! I'm so excited to wait and so encouraged for my Best to come.
P.S (Someone told me What if GOD does not want me to get married? Discouraged of coz I will be, but the lessons, struggles, wisdom I learned is for my walk to come and eternity.