Sunday, February 25, 2007

By Pleasure

Not by Power but by Pleasure

So True on what Pastor Eugene said. By Pleasure GOD WILL surely break through and intervene with Power

Believe will always be difficult especially in times of storms, if it is easy. The world would have been saved by now. We will already be victorious. I will not live life so painfully. But all I do is I choose to, and that's how I know u Lord, My Savior, Redeemer and Salvation.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I choose to fight for the Lord
I choose to be used by Him
I choose to deny myself
I choose to be a servant
I choose to conform the likeness of Christ
Finally I chose to love HIM

Christ choose to die for me
Christ choose to heal me
Christ choose to bless me
Christ choose to suffer and take all my pain, worries, oppression, poverty
Christ choose to save me
Finally HE chose to love me

I thank GOD. My relationship with HIM is not 1 sided, its personal.
Shamefully the choices I make and do always been unwilling
Shamefully my belief in his promises and blessings shakes
I felt shameful that till now, my faith in the Cross, His Grace, His Mercy and His Love is still weak.

Somehow I know I am growing... Refining, moulding, building me through the path set for me. I may dislike it, but I choose to Move in it.
Make a choice to believe

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Battle in the Body

Mind: U r siao...U will fail! U wont last! U are nothing

Heart: *pants* Can't... GO... On... *pants*

Lungs: *Breathless* Stop... STOP, I will explode

Legs: *weeping* I just recover, dont do this to me *sobs*

Holy Spirit: Keep Quiet in Jesus Name

And Sky did a hard work training today

Sky needs to play CUPID for these 2 days, delivering flowers, writing peoms blah blah blah... Honestly I am alrdy disliking it but o well.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


In the End...It was a few songs that drove a sword into my heart. These songs were very old, and I was reminded by Pastor when he started playing it yesterday. I found it covered with dust... Jars Of Clay

The songs really brought and spoke comfort to me.

"Love Song For A Savior"
And we will come running
Fall in his arms
The tears will fall down and we'll pray
I want to fall in love with you
I want to fall in love with you

My world is a flood
Slowly I become one with the mud
But if I can't swim after forty days
And my mind is crushed by the crashing waves
Lift me up so high that I cannot fall
Lift me up

"Liquid" (I luv singing this)
Blood-stained brow,
He wasn't broken for nothing.
Arms nailed down,
He didn't die for nothing.
This is the one thing, The one thing that I know.
This is the one thing, The one thing that I know.

I Do know and certain Lord, was u die painfully and rose triumphantly again for Us

Sunday, February 04, 2007


All RIGHT! Thank GOD for the Bike. 70.3 Ironman here I come

Today, when reading through the chapter, what caught me was the word "Israel". Did u know Israel literally meant Struggle with GOD? I love to call myself that

I asked myself today, all my and others struggles why do I take it? Will I let GO? Is it for GOD? Because my heart cares?

The Holy Spirit really convicted me, am I willing to do it? Sometimes its harder that it seems, because fear is in me

I fear for that person to break down, to commit suicide, to meet roads end. I fear GOD won't answer, I fear I won't have victory, I fear that I simply don't believe

But that's why I grow everyday. I fight myself everyday, my flesh my fears my doubts my desires even. I learn to struggle with GOD (Israel) everyday. I learn its beyond us. I need GOD to break me. I need to surrender for my Victory.

Lord, I place myself today, leaving everything in your hands. I able to do nothing, able to speak nothing, AM NOTHIN without YOU. Break me LORD, because I know every struggle I grow, I am able to turn to you, to grow with you. Like muscles, when tore and heal again it be stronger. So will I be for you Lord Jesus. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen

Lastly, I want to thank GOD for the NP Biathlon, it was basically a National event. It was really a breakthrough for me, as this event is a new thing. We had a lot of mishaps, mistakes and snags, and even our sponsors were difficult to get. But GOD really left the best for me, and it was Powerbar, I mean WHOA Powerbar only sponsored 1 Race every year and that's Standard Chartered Marathon but GOD really bless us with favor. The energy, response and good comments were high. Glory to HIM alone.