Saturday, December 02, 2006

Goals vs Dreams

Have not been talking about my races, training etc. Tomorrow is Standard Chartered Marathon, be running 21.1km although I felt I wanted to do a 42km but I was underage so that be next year's goal.

Firstly, an update for the Tuas Run, there were 6000 runners. Not sure how many boys but Praise GOD I came in top 50 ranked 24 even with the numbness on my legs unable to push it, I felt I finish well but could be better. And this is a picture of the medal. U realize there be 2 50 cents coins next to it because I want u to c how sad the medal is lol its like a keychain.

For the Marathon, I felt very little pressure because the school is not breathing down on my neck that whether I do well anot, thus I feel quite relax even its just a few hours away from the race. Other then my school training, I have not been putting in slots of my own training for this race thus uncertain of the outcome.

My goal is minimum do it within 2 hrs, but I been seeking, and although I am not confident but I believe I will aim to do it in 1hr 40mins or even better that's been my dream placed by the Lord.

A goal is something u can set for yourself, a dream is something what GOD set 4 u and it be given 2 U. Lord I hope my dream is not too small for u haha. And tomorrow even a race I am not there to win, its a race significant for my GOD.


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