Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas for Me

Just passed Christmas, so many things happened so I try to give as short as I can of what happen this past 2 days. (Which a lot of I forgot)

Remembered going out a lot haha, Cell group dinner with Josh and the guys (Don't I look at the same age as these charming guys ^^). It was great and everytime going out with Josh and You Yi I learn a lot whether its spiritual or logically. Enjoyed the dinner we had. After that went out to what "Night at the Museum" with Yenn, Pam, Syl, Juan, Andrew, Kenny, Lionel, Si Ling, Zhen Chang. It was super funny. Met with with Quan Wei guys and Xiao wen, and went to eat and drink at Glutton's Bay (ate there like a million times) After that went to Andrew house mahjong, while not really mahjong was teaching them abit taking over my Ming Shifu place for a day.

For today, brought some of the people (Yenn, Juan, Syl, Pam, Jun Ming, XiaoWen, Andrew) Into Chinese Swimming Club. Play snooker, badminton and taught some of them swimming followed by jacuzzi and eating! ^^

Lastly I want to write about Christmas, I think a lot of people knows Christmas is about the birth of Christ. But what caught me was Pastor Khong said Christmas is about you. When I heard that I almost shouted loudly. Its so true AMEN. A lot of "SPIRITUAL" people will say "NO ITS ABOUT CHRIST". Well thats true too. But Christmas is more personal than we think, its the day that GOD sealed yr salvation by sending his son to believe in Him. It was the day that I know my life will change because of that very day. Its the day Christ died for this sinner name Sky 2006 years later.

Lord Thank U...


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