Sunday, December 31, 2006


Today is the last day of 2006, I have accomplished goals I never think of doing and its all GOD's work. But why am I lethagic? Frustrated? Worried?

U know that verse that every1 seems to know? Psalm 37:4 "Delight in the Lord and he gives your heart desires"? There be times the Lord will ask me"What do u want or need?" or "What does your heart desire?"

I want a Tri Bike, I want to rest more, I want to buy things I want, I want to do things that I do not have the time to do.

But when the LORD ask me that question "What does your heart desire?" I wanted to say all those things but yet I always answer "To please u Lord, to bring a smile unto your face, let me be a better servant for u, bless my spiritual and physical family. Keep them close to u, make them cast all burdens to U. Let their prayers be heard for u love them so much". Honestly...Something inside me did not want to answer or ask GOD for things I want but somehow that's always my answer. Am I afraid to ask? Is that an honest answer? I am not so self-centered? I do not know.

Sometimes I am tired from doing things that its not what I want but what GOD or the community wants. I am frustrated of doing things that cause me unable to rest but yet I choose to be responsible. I am worried of people who do not care or bother, worried for things that its none of my business.

But all these I choose to because I want to PLEASE GOD and I still do. And thats servanthood!

Lord forgive me, forgive me for feeling like this, Forgive me I could not be a better servant. But I thank you! For things u have done and will do! Your servant has ran a long race. He has never compromise you for anything else before Lord and he never will. I have never ask u for things my heart desires. Lord I humbly ask is continue blessing these people for the new year and thank you for making me grow so much through this year.

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank u for the blessings for 2006 for my frens, family and myself. Thank u for keeping them strong. Thank u for 2007 will be a year of victory for U. Rejoicing every moment!

Lord do u remember is was through a countdown party I first came into the house of GOD? UNFORGETABLE


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