Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hell Days Won By GOD's Grace

Haha today is just an boring update on the camp. I had a training camp just a few hours ago, 2 days and close to 2 nights. We manage to book a room only so female n males slept in the same room. Chosen Triathletes are to been put into a training program to kick start our next season.

It was not easy to pull through the training days, its not hard but its long and continues. Furthermore the rain was horrible rained throughout the camp. But training had to go on.
Tired. Drained. But by GOD's Grace I will soar.

1st day
Swam Laps, Stroke Correction video and class, Ran from school to Sentosa (Haha Quite far) and end off with static exercise (200 Crunches, 120 Flatter Kicks and 120 Push-Ups.) Meeting after that, watch the race on Kona Hawaii Ironman 2004, and had to stay up late to deal with our NP Biathlon event. Took turns to sleep. Slept for 4 hrs and went for breakfast

2nd Day
We didn't do much today because rain was very heavy, and had to settle the Event with our Advisor. Apparently he had a bad day so we got it also. I didn't really expect I had to deal with so many politics, contacts and favor are important in the school. And in real life, but still I always believe GOD favor is still the most important and its worth it. Anyway we played short games and do static again. (600 push ups, 400 crunches)

Here I am back home sweet home. I thank GOD for the little trust/favor and open doors with my Advisor, school and me. I thank GOD for my brother who help me out so much and so well. I thank GOD for the camp, making me stronger. I thank GOD for my physical goals I have set. Lastly I thank GOD for just being GOD hah
a Amen...


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