Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Standard Chartered Marathon

Runners were warming up at the start line, while yet again I among the last of the pack. The day was cooling, even with little breeze. Soon the horn echoed in my ears and it began.

Suprisingly, Standard Chartered Marathon, an international event, I thought was to achieve my goal and its over. But yet, I felt that running was not a duty anymore, I was running because just simply enjoying. Before I started I simply spoke to HIM for awhile, asking him to bless this run and with strength etc to make me run well to achieve the goal. "Sky just run with me today" that was the only thing was in my heart that day.

I enjoyed every step I take, every person I ran past, it was not because I wanted to finish well But simply just run. Just Run...

I finished the run in 1hr 50mins 4secs competing against international runners from the world. Top 150 on Chip base time. I finish breaking the 2 hrs barrier, and 20secs behind a fellow Triathelete who is a National. My brother broke the 4hr barrier for a full marathon by 7 mins. Everyone did very well including some runners as their first time.

But what was better, it felt good.


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