Friday, September 08, 2006

Going on

Away from races, back to work, rededicate to GOD's work. My current plans for the remaining of the holidays. Don't get me wrong I am still training for the nx race whether its Newbalance Coportate Tri or Standard Chartered I leave it to the school while my long term target is 70.3 Singapore Half Ironman.
Haha Work at Ritz Carlton has been quite smooth lately, they put me on floor straight away and so far my superior captains have been very nice ^^. Also plan to go back to YA but I will see how it goes since training is on Sat. I will miss these period of my races. Although it was tough, it was a painful procedure, tiresome training and disiciplinary focus. Why I love it
1st for GOD
2nd something I grew in spiritual,mental and physical
3rd I could b a testimony for GOD
4th I Did something GOD bless mi greatly
thus I continue swimming, running and cycling (on my bro bike keke) I will train to win a crown not only physical but a crown tt last forever because GOD will remember I did it for HIM.

Rank 32 out of 106 lol look at my swimming man it was so bad that's why my running nid to b double fast.


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