Saturday, September 16, 2006

Open Doors

Finish Training, Meeting and YA, waiting to go for a dinner soon but while waiting I will BLOG ^^. Today Swim and Run as usual, but we had to meet up at the end for some debriefing. Things like for the NUS Biathlon there b 5 placing for people to represent NP, 2 are taken, 3 are still available for individual while some of them will be relay. I am hoping I would manage to qualify as they be seeing our results. NUS were the champions b4 followed by NP than TP. Our Advisor is pushing us again to be champion no exceptions.
Ahh Boring stuff, o and we are getting debrief for nx year 27 Jan there be a NP Aquathon Championship and I am helping out as a organizer. What makes this interesting is, I would be directly under the President, because he wans mi to learn and when he step down I would be able to organize the following year. Haha all the pressure! Both of us be doin Public Relations, seeking out sponsors, negotiated budgets, advertise within the campus and outside. When I gt this "job" I felt a OPEN DOOR shown onto me. I would be speaking to sponsors like H2o, GNC, Fuji Xerox, PowerBar, 100 Plus etc etc. These are big names and I said it was an open door because, when our church is organizing a sports event which I highly think will happen or something else. I could connect the sponsors with our church. I would be the bridge which I set tt Social challenge to myself b4, to bridge communities. ^^

Lastly, TriElites are getting 8 new Road/Tri Bikes next year ^^
GOD is working, and I am ready to be used by him


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