Friday, September 29, 2006



Been real tired and burdened these days, ^^ working training personal etc but yet I am still alive :P. Just want to blog what's happening to prove that I am not "dead". I wanna give thanks in my blog today thus I found something to give thanks of r those people in Ritz Carlton always looking over me like I am their little brother and able to make my day especially Sarah Goo.

As my boss and spiritual sister, she is 1 person whom really shines as a sister, she always tends to watch out for me, do minor things like buy me lunch from outside (Hotel Canteen food is atrocious! keke) and yet be firm and teach me at the same time. She occasionally ask me out or go for Bible Study at New Creation which in the past I do. She really is a good and admirable sister, which the Lordship of Christ is shone upon her too.

Not to mention the others employees like Kristine, Aloysion, Mabel, Ida, Elly, Yoke Yee etc whose slight smiles can make my day. Even a New Hostess Angela haha as her chirpy and adorable character can really make the slightest perk in my work-life. When we work or talk shes always smiling lol remarkable or crazy -.- I think both =X. I really dun enjoy working there, other then GOD, and the pay, these r my motivation to carry on.

Coporate Triathlon I most likely to be doing.

Today was quite a tiring day, training in the morning, my sis ROM at noon, YA Children's day after that. it was a tiring but fulfilling day. seeing my sister married off with a man whom i will start calling brother-in-law and the kids having fun!


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