Saturday, September 02, 2006

Finish WELL!


My last race New Balance Aquathon is over, the last race for the coming days. I finished well. Some of the year 2 and 3 got sponsored by Orca and Fuji Xerox, haha the Tri Suit was free (costs about 300 bucks... 300!!!!) haha I hope I can too but does not matter I did it for GOD and I promised him I will come back to serve him and back to his minstry.

It was hard to start, with my heart beating like a machine gun, racing towards the water and like 50 times there were entanglements between me and others. They will kick my face or shove mi away with their breaststroke. I had difficulty but I decided tt I would not do the same thing because I believe even when they r in front I could catch up to them. Besides it was the right thing to do.

Thus out of the water I had a serious catching up to do, I picked up my shoes, 1st time without socks and rush to the run point and I forgot my number tag thus run back again haha. I paced myself large strides consistent pace. I speak to GOD everytime when I start a race b4 during and after. This time it was truly miraculous I ran without pain or fatigue. Even I was the last in the sch team out of sea, I caught up to them due to GOD's everlasting Grace and Strength. I encouraged them and went my way. I sprinted to the finish and finish well for GOD. Thank him and went to collect Finisher medal and H20s. My school send 8 and I gt 3rd among them, was grateful and thankful of wat GOD can do!
Exodus 15:2 The LORD is my strength and my song and has become my salvation, He is my GOD, and I will Praise him, my father's GOD and I will exalt him.

Will post results n pics in the future anyway these r the HARDGAY pics!
Sam Koh Poser Look Imitated by Sky LOL

Watch with Caution. Me acting like HardGay LOL I am being sporting ok!


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