Friday, September 22, 2006

Lordship of Christ

Lordship Of Christ

It was a real example of Christ Lordship in me, not because I did something spectacular, but I do things simply with obedience and for Christ. As some may know I dislike working at Ritz Carlton sometimes, but anyway I was almost late for work today, planned to have abit of quiet time b4 starting but in the end did not happen due to time constrains. I felt maybe my day would be bad as u know, I read the WORD is the make my life in focus with the LORD that's why it makes a difference. But I started work with a simple prayer and proclaiming the Lord's supremacy over this place.

It was slightly busy same old buzzing around, orders from guest and superiors for you to obey (and when both n more fire at u at the same time haha u really do not know which to choose, although I chose the guest but u still get scolding sometimes) anyway, strenuous, constant moving for 9 hrs etc. But what makes today abit special was this.

The Manager, and the whole crew had a meeting, we got brief on what's on today etc. Why is it different today because, 1stly she was pissed with some Accounts Department abit of politics there, and how it got settled with the GM. Then she said about human hearts r black, tts why we need to learn how to project our facial and actions to the guest even when we are "moody or whatsoever" but out of the blue she pointed me out saying "Sky U Christian right? I know yr heart is good and "white" than I was stunned -.- lol

When the Lord is in u, every1 will know. Do all things for and like Christ, that's showing Lordship. I am not pure or righteous, I have a black heart, bad and sinner that deserves death, but what makes my heart "white" and righteous is that I am being Justified by my Lord Christ.

I want to encourage everyone who have Christ in you, you know have u ever try to kip asking yr frens praying for them to come to know the Lord? But living yr life base on Christ is oso essential and a very important tool. Why? Eg. I am a sinner, a rebellious and shallow lowlife with all his relationships, typical Singapore teenager in a sense. But when my frens c the change, and ask why. Because simply Christ is in me.

Romans 4:24
but also for us, to whom GOD will credit rightenousness-for us who believe in him raised Jesus our Lord from the dead


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