Thursday, September 14, 2006


Train Work Eat Sleep

I m very proud of my own father, even with all his illness diabetes etc, countless of pills he has to take everyday, lately been seeing him working out. Everyday back from work he will start walking/running to east coast. Believe me its not easy even for me I find it sian or difficult juz to do it almost everyday. But how a person in his late 50s trying to make a habit to exercise really motivates me. Especially when every step he takes is a pain to his body.

He was a athlete at his young days, Basketball Team, Runner Swimmer etc. Lol it runs in the family. Thus, overexerting his body, now whenever he walks there will be a sharp pain. Because degeneration of muscles, his knee caps r bones hitting onto bones. I wonder will this happen to me 1 day. ^^ anyway finding a way to find his workout more interesting. I think shld get a MP3 for him and put all the Hokkien Songs he likes lol ^^


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