Sunday, June 22, 2008

Case Study 1: Nevertheless

David was a shepherd nevertheless the greatest psalms flow from his pen
David was the youngest and a nobody nevertheless he was anointed King
David faced Goliaths and Saul nevertheless He receives a Jonathan & a Abigail
Nevertheless David took the stronghold
Nevertheless David was a miracle
Nevertheless David was strengthened

Catch the picture?
xxxx was a abuser nevertheless he became a great man of God
xxxx is struggling in life nevertheless God gave people who are beautiful in his life
xxxx was a sex addict nevertheless he was set free from the bondage
xxxx has terminal cancer nevertheless he became a miracle
xxxx faces depression in his life nevertheless he gained new hope and love each morning
Sky is a sinner and failure nevertheless ....

We all need a nevertheless in our lives, what's yours? As long as theres pain, struggles, strongholds there will always be a nevertheless, all yr challenges are NEVER the end. Would encourage u guys, let a prayer whisper in your heart. You fill in the blank, your nevertheless awaits. Besides God made this word beautifully, that we are NEVER THE LESS.


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