Sunday, June 08, 2008

SAAB Duathlon

This was a significant race because its the first race after my Ironman. This race was marked by me in hopes of being encouraged. In hopes of getting into the top 3 and giving it a solid finish. Duathlon is a Run-Bike-Run event.

Well it started quite well you know mixing it with the top 5 but it was quite disappointing that I lost sight of them when they made a turn down the tunnel. Due to the lack of road Marshalls, I continue on straight while 10+ participants was following me and some construction worker had to shout we were going the wrong way. So its pretty demoralising as we wasted 1min and 30secs. Whats more disappointing was that in the bike due to road Marshalls the top 8 cycled extra distance SO its pretty much a goner. Hahahaha o well I came in 6th having a solid finish and felt I pushed and strive the entire race which is a good feeling.

It's still an encouragement that triathlon has taught me not only to race but to live. Even on this race I learn to grow more polite under such frustration hahaha changing my OIS to Excuse me and thanks. Some people may think its not a big deal, but my conviction is this let my speech, thoughts and actions exalt God. And sometimes, exalting God is never showy its actually the smallest of things we do.

Off to bed now, listening to pastor preach today was really challenging was really tired hhehhe :D


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