Saturday, July 28, 2007

Face in the Mud

Its been a long time since I experienced this, that I felt I could not do it, I wanna stop, I want to give up. My face in the mud, heart in the earth, felt like rain piercing my spirit. Like a rose trampled on the ground. I was beaten not only by my sickness, and myself

I finish the race but collapse at the end. It was hard to breath but I coughed my next breath. I'm really tired.

Got scolded by advisor and team for racing with my sickness, fever is worse. I know its stupid. I dun race for school, for people, for myself for all these are meaningless. But I don't think anyone would understand WHY I did the race. I don't think any1 would get it...Because with every race, to Finish well for whjch GOD has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus to run with perserverance. Its just so simple...

In my life even, so many things is a struggle that I want to give up. Its been a long time... I gave my all that's all there is to it. Lord, thank u that when im in such a weak state. I still can turn to u


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