Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rain The Blessing

Lets do this! My challenge was I told GOD I would want to finish my pack by this week, its not just the numbers but my heart as well let it be wanting more of HIS people to be blessed!

So far I gt only 10 and really grateful of GOD able to use me in such a way. It really becomes a humbling experience to want to bless that desire to transform the spiritual climate.

Lord I pray for all the blessors who are out there being that difference for u. Bless them with the soft ground and heart, Bless them with favour and courage more ultimately bless them with the conviction to do it for u Lord. As we have all work, studies etc our marketplace, Let it be blessed with success and excellence as we pray for them and ourselves as well... Lord let us be your rain In Jesus name I pray Amen ^^


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