Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dr William

Recently, I had the honour of eating lunch with Singaporean Dr William Tan because maybe doing some things for him. Hes the wheel chair Marathoner with countless of World Records. He has done 10 Marathons in 65 days and Marathon in Antarctica and so much more.

His life itself is an inspiration, he does not even need to speak and I'm already inspired. Getting the pleasure to know him, and i find out this man is a humble man and Christ is in his life. I shared with him about my goal for next year. and he thought it was really amazing and encouraged me to go for it. Which i felt compare to him it was very puny haha.

He shared a lot, and something that caught me thinking. Is there weight in the things u do or say? When u speak do people listen? When u do things do people notice? Putting Christ in prospective. The More weight u have in your name or the things u do, the better position u are in Glorifying Him, Winning for Him, Blessing Him and His people.

I learn lot of William, and I pray that with humility I will Shine bright and not dim, making that goal I set possible and excellence in my influence. This month every1 has been busy including my brother. When the journey gets tough, we must KNOW the cause behind all your hard work...Once u do even a typhoon blows u be unshaken. Prayers moves the hands of GOD


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