Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Choice

There will always be times in your life, u feel its really hard to thank GOD for the bad things going through in your life. But no matter how hard it is, I will want to still praise and thank HIM. Although sometimes we really can't, but we have the choice to be quick to praise.

1. For a week unable to spend time to read and pray.
- Thank GOD because I know it pains me, and I know I desire it but maybe not enough

2. Studies still striving
- Thank GOD because I know it needs work

3. Hours of sleep getting low
- Thank GOD that he can sustain me

4. Ppl with their issues
- Thank GOD because I can be used by HIM to minister/reach out

5. More responsibilities in school, church and team
- Thank GOD because of the trust u given to me

6. Something that happen was the sentosa training, I didn't start my day well not talking to the Holy Spirit not asking his strength his empowerment, training was draining painful and of coz strenuous. I was last that day unable to keep up with the guys which was usually vice-versa. Was very demoralized very tired and weak
- I thank GOD that I know... Without HIM I am nothing

7. My legs hurt twice as bad as before
- I thank GOD I need HIM

Thank GOD for the TCS Diabetic Race I was able to be there to participate

Thank GOD for this week sermon

Thank GOD that even the last part of my training a 6km time-trial, Talking to the Spirit "I am tired, painful but I will give my all and whether I succeed or anot its u alone." after that I finish the trial well. 1st. Thank U...

Finally I THANK GOD for your love your son and the Holy Spirit for yr presense.
I thank u even my next very breath for u

Who says u can only thank GOD for good things. Thanking GOD IN all circumstances not FOR all circumstances


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