Sunday, November 05, 2006

Salt and Light

Its Sunday again, Praise the Lord!

Every Sunday going to church always brought me new wisdom, insight and enlightenment of living my days following Christ. I believe every sermon I go to, I am there for a purpose, to listen, to believe and more importantly to do. No pastor is "boring" no sermon is not for you. As long as u are sitting in a hall with a pastor preaching u are there for a purpose.

Today, sermon was as usual brought me new wisdom on living. But what caught me was the contest after that. There was a Young Preacher Contest and 1 of my tribe leader was in the Finals and went to only support him. Or so I thought. What Alvin preach went deep into me. His topic Salt and Light. His dilemma "Have we lost our testimony for GOD, to be able to be the salt and light shine for GOD"?

I believe all of us are gifted in a way agreed? We have our talents to glorify GOD, for Alvin his ability to preach, For my brother Josh his talent to lead sing worship praise with endless fervor. And I believe they have more gifts than these. Their talents able to glorify GOD. I was quite let down when Flavian said he knows "he won't be able to preach?" It does not matter whether how good your talents are, how many talents you have or even whether u have that talent at all. But what's important is do u have that desire to have that gift to glorify HIM! If he want to do it, committed to do it, I dun see a reason why it won't happen. And of course I be more then happy to help, pray and nuture him!

An example (abit lousy but still), as my friends from secondary school will know, in the past I was not who I am today, I won't go into detail but 1 major factor was I was anti-social so called "lone wolf". I liked to operate alone, I never enjoy talking with people, sharing.

But I desire to be able to do it. Bridging communities and being the link between people to glorify Christ! Which lead me to who I am today but I am still far from accomplished what I believe GOD made me to do. Be a socialate. Even I was not a very athletic before but I desired to be the best for GOD to inspire to glorify him and I became a Triathlete for my school although I am also far from what I believe I can accomplished for Christ!

Desire to glorify him, and doors will open before, talents be nutured, gifts be blessed. Never stop testifying because u can't! Everything we do well is all Christ alone. EVEN when u have no talents which I doubt, to obey Christ and his word, to be Christ-like is the ultimate glorification of our GOD!!!!!

3 verses that I dedicate not to stop obeying willingly

Romans 15:6
so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the GOD and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven

Psalm 86:12 impact me the most
I will praise you, O Lord my GOD with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever!

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(:, Flavian, passerby: thanks for the encouragement! GOD is there for u now, always and forever

Del: lol go study!


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