Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How Much?

Days have been very routine lately, a new year is coming. I have already know what my goals will be for next year Praise The Lord for it.

I do not have much to write but, I have been reading, pondering when I have the time which is a good thing. I been thinking lately does Life have to always be painful? Does it always resolve in sacrifice? Nothing is further from the truth, its written GOD is our very present help today now and forever. He never stop blessing and always over does it, when HE talks about the BLESSED we are always included, I love a GOD of miracles not once a GOD of miracles.

I believe with all my heart, he wants us to enjoy this present moment of our lives on our way to heaven, Amen? Life does not revolves on What Ifs or If Only, because GOD is present right here and now. Sometimes do we forget that? Do we not see what plans GOD will have for us?

People going through trials of their lives, do they not see the light of the end of the tunnel? Do they not see that this can conform them to the likeness of Christ? Give thanks when u r tested, give thanks in all circumstances, can u give thanks FOR all circumstances? Of coz we can't, because we r Jars of Clay. But I can give thanks for circumstances I fufil GOD's purpose in my life.

Haha Today I blog quite, unusual but I want to end of with this. For a "great" sinner like myself knowing all the trash/shit gone. I can do no less by submitting my life to Christ.
Knowing u r forgiven little, you love little. Knowing u forgiven much, u love much.

1 Corin 4:10
We are fool for Christ, but you are so wise in


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