Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Way

This week, started out with a great sermon "When the Spirit comes in Power" This would be a series of sermons of the Holy Spirit by Pastor Khong, hearing the 1st I felt very refreshed, filled and strong. Praise our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Something "interesting" happen this few days, as I am been classified as Gay. LOL its quite funny though as my some of my friends would insult mi as a joke. But my classmates seems persistent that I am. And of course I am not.

The reason why they said that to me was apparently, I am not interested in looking and knowing pretty girls. My 1st reaction was HUH. Looks, Figure, Fashion, Sex is an icon in Polys and I believe almost everywhere. Ladies would want to be more pretty just to catch the attention of people, to use their looks as a source of income and occasionally they want to be more prettier to attract more guys or specifically a guy. And I have to admit the girls I see, they are pretty but I am simply not into gazing or looking or drooling or knowing or nose bleeding etc etc. Is that classified as Gay?

I seen and know my share of lady-friends, and simply put (all ladies are pretty that includes my friends who are not models etc). I am just not 2 be attracted simply because u can sweep my legs of the floor. I been explained like a million times, its normal to look and know pretty girls. Of course it is, but must I do it? I mean I do not see any significance or gain. And they are not items to just be gazed, held or used upon wth man its degrading. Haha and again I am not Gay.....

If I have to know someone of course I will, I do not mind making a new friend, But I do mind if I make a friend just because shes pretty, it loses all meaning. That would be Attraction not Interaction.

1 Timothy 5:2
Older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity



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