Saturday, July 29, 2006


Impt things this week, 1stly yesterday chior rehersal, so had to get ready for this week. My cell did it together so we had alot of crazy times la...Making out own dance moves and imitate You Yi rap and breakdance lol! And Hard Gay moves LOL siao man. Ya its gd and very delighted we doin it together hope more of these stuff. O...Jedrick and Nick jumped till the stage broke LOL sori accidental prophesy!

Recently, just went to Jennifer and Ying Chao Baptism...this is the 1st baptism I go in my whole life, it was cool and refreshing. I wept while they got baptised, Question "whens my turn?" I am eager and willing. But is sumti pulling mi bck? Parents? Commitment? But I know i want the world to know I wan to stand beside and for My Saviour even thru painful times. Haha its not yet my turn to get baptise and I wept, imagine when its my turn? The congre hav to get baptise with me.... ^^ After that went dinner with some of our network ppl and the delegates had a nice chat plaeing lame games etc...than off we go...Tml is the Big Walk!

Lastly, O ya I am healed from food posoning alrdy 1 hr before the chior rehersal, GOD did what 3 types of medicine cannot do. O and i gt accepted into my Sch TriELITES which is my school triathlon team sooo haha lets Push it to the brim!


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