Sunday, July 16, 2006

Burn Out

Recently Andrew left to Perth, quite sad hes a very good brother who is a very good teacher in guitar and someone I can talk to in a personal level but we know he be back in 4 mths lookin forward to it Bro... Slowing slipping away ever since the Hospitality Duty follow by Logistics followed by Intercession...Plus YA and Basketball. Amazingly and Thanking GOD even with 1-3 hrs of sleep for over the week I am still sustaining strong and still able to fast 4 Singapore. He can do the impossible indeed, Ask and it will b answered. Anyway back to topic why I say I am slipping because I have not been able to sit and talk to my CG for very long, I barely get to c them much more pray and tok to them which I know there are a lot of recent happenings happening to them everyday... And I have forgotten about other considerations like school which have been lagging very badly and my frens outside the church...And even accounting to Josh.

Josh wants me to cut down on stuff because I have not been fast to recuperate, which I agree. Although its not on the physical level but I feel its more on the mental and spiritual level, he sees that I am getting burn out without me knowing it and telling me to b wise and re-affirms that its been very good that I have been serving. Even the choir for this this coming week haha sort of de-barred me from going although I felt like doing it. But the last week will b our CG choir doing it whole ^^.

I be dropping YA and Logistics unsure about the other duties...Other things been happening this week, but I wun bother blogging it haha GOD knows and something I prayed about so I give my life into his hands...

Lastly and most recently, I want to thank GOD and thank for people who prayed and talked to me like Josh and my CG plus Zhen Rong Thank u for simply being there I felt motivated and his presence I yearn for so much...Really thank GOD for my spiritual family the thing I won't give up upon! ^^

Sometimes I have a lot of people telling me serve GOD serve GOD by doing this and that haha although its good because the church has the resources for u to use... But for those who r not "serving" at tt level, let mi re-affirm Serve GOD even by simply glorifying him in everyday u do, like doing the best in yr school or work. This is a basic thing to serve GOD but not a lot of us have been doing it ^^

Colossians 3:24
24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.

Lord I serve is not for my eternal reward in heaven...I serve u because u r my Father and I want tt smile on yr face more than my life in Jesus name I pray AMEN


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