Monday, July 24, 2006


Yesterday, Service reminded us again on remembering the poor which it should never have forgotten. I felt it was a service to touched our hearts to help them...Than after that choir debriefing than went for a run with Josh and Pam, learn to plan my training seducle and taking heartbeat rate for improvement.

Today, lol illness attacked me at 12 midnite when I woke up hot and tired but unable to sleep...So had to take MC off today and 80% tml as well. Sorry for my team who had to do a presentation today, I would make up for it. Well it kind of sux because the Clinic skipped my name like 8 times without realizing I am there haha and someone snatched a cab just right beside me when i was waiting there for so long I could just blankly stare...But even thru this simple troubles GOD can really fight for me...An old Lady offered herself and her husband placing to me so I could go in 1st haha thank U...And Behind the 1st cab 2 secs later was another haha so ya even simple things like this I would like to thank GOD. Doctor said I should rest more still -.- and I think my body is rejecting the food I eat. Well lol sumti more I can pray about, k I shld go slp now...

It feels scary that i am soo weak that it is beyond my control, but i give my life to HIM that is my only assurance.


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