Monday, September 08, 2008

70.3 Singapore Ironman

Whoa! I woke up with a prayer "Lord let me bless your heart today". I really felt great throughout the whole race, in great pain yes. but a sense of joy, confidence, strength and commitment is being found in each stroke, pedal or stride.
The race boasts of 58 different nationalities on race day, with a new cycling route along the expressway. Truely its a race worth remembering.

A few goals I set on that race day
1. finish it strong
2. 6 hrs or less
3. be smiling all the way

I'm not sure whether I did it in 6 hrs, but I defiantly finish strong, running with steady wide strides, running with a praise in my heart, and a smile! :D Encourage u guys to do it, it really an exciting journey as Christ as yr encourager and coach. Each race has taught me how to run the eternal race, the race that really matters, the crown that last forever. It always has been a humbling journey once you know the things that matters.

I won't be doing any triathlon training this week as I decided to give myself a personal retreat to discern about the ultimate question "Lord, do I go for the Ironman?" Haha NAPFA test next week!

Pictures below with cheerleaders/supporters and my teammates

I still can jump!

Proposing to her HAHAHA


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