Monday, September 15, 2008

Being Real

For a long time, I got real today. Its been so long, since I had to kneel to cry, soon it became a wail, to beckon for his embrace, desiring to hold Him.

All is well in my life, my Christian walk is fine, everything is good. But I have to confess, I'm really tired. A desire so strong to walk righteously before Him, I'm actually exhausted in doing whats right.

And really thanks to this brother, one whom we are committed to each other success is really an understatement. He reminded me something so simple yet we totally miss the point"
Sky, you are concentrating too much on doing wat is right? We are dealing with the spiritual realm here, its not by power,strength, might to do whats right. Its by grace."

I have lost sight of things, in the process of doing whats righteous I lost sight of the one who made me righteous. Even as I blog, I'm so concern whether if its right or encouraging it actually feels like a job. I done the right things but forgotten the most important thing. BUT We can take HEART and REJOICE!

Its by grace...Its by grace... After so long...That truth still seem so hard to embrace, too big to fully understand, so ridiculous to accept that its true. But its TRUTH, its TRUTH, its TRUTH.

Lord forgive me, you are not impressed with the number of righteous acts I do like I do. You are moved by the daily act of surrender. By what I believe and strive. And let me truly surely sincerely pursue that intimacy with you, let that grip my heart so tight. SO tight Lord! Thank U Lord for you are good that u reminded me, its not me, its you


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